Western Union App For Blackberry

Western Union just launched their app for Blackberry. WU is the company that allows you to send money to people worldwide. Features on this app include: *Send Money *Find an Agent location *Estimate prices


BMO Banking App Gets Another Update To v2.1

Yesterday we told you about the BMO Banking app update. Some users were experiencing problems accessing the app after the update. Now it has been fixed.

Thrutu- An Interactive Phone App, Allows Users To Share Pictures And Locations

Thrutu has just launched their phone app for Blackberry, having already made one for Android and the Iphone. Call your friends and you can share where you are at, send photos, and contacts while still on the phone.

Bank Of America App Updated to v3.1.35 adds Blackberry OS 7 Support

The Bank of America app for Blackberry was updated to v3.1.35. What’s included in the update? * Updated compatibility with Blackberry Os 7 devices

BMO Banking App Updates To v2.0- Now Includes Bill Payment Functionality

BMO updated their online banking app in Blackberry App World to v2.0. What’s new? *Pay any of your registered bills in CAD. *Cancel your same-day bill payments. *View your bill payment history. *Fix for Saved Card number issue.

Get Bomberman Vs Zombies Game-Free- For Your Blackberry

If you liked the original Bomberman game, then you will probably enjoy playing this one. It’s got some of the same plays but with zombies added in. Seems like Zombies are being added to a few different games this year.

IA-Fitness Calculator App Launched Today, Free To Download In Blackberry App World

Another fitness app was added to Blackberry App World today. It is free to download and you can use it to calculate your strength. hit the break for more info

Lemon for Blackberry, A free app that keeps track of your spending and your expenses

Lemon for Blackberry is a handy app to have if you are a bit scatterbrained when it comes to keeping track of purchases. Take a picture of your receipt and store it in the app under the different tagged locations.

TouchUp Lite For The Playbook, Free Photo Editing App From Blackberry App World

This free photo editing app comes with a decent amount of features. You can remove blemishes on the face, change the color saturation, resize the photo and more!

ToonLand Theme For Blackberry Torch 9800, Colorful And Free For Download

This theme features colorful characters and even a sun/moon that indicates the battery meter and a star for wifi strength. Get the free theme from our Nerdberry Store.

Delta Airlines App For Blackberry Gets An Update To v1.5.0

Delta Airlines has updated their app. You can now change your seat, as well as view standby/upgrade lists right from within the app. They also did some minor bug fixes.

RestartMe App Gets An Update To v1.9

I was notified of the update this morning. I really like this app because then I don’t have to pull the battery out when I have to manually reset. My case is locked onto the phone pretty tight and it is a pain to take off. If you need to reset your phone for whatever […]

DHL App For The Blackberry

You can now track DHL packages on the go with your Blackberry. You get up to date package status, just like if you called Customer Service. With this app, you can skip that step. The app is free to download from Blackberry App World.

iSpeech Gets An Update To v1.1.33

iSpeech was updated to v1.1.33. No changelog is available at this time. You can download the free app or the update from Blackberry App World.

The PlayBook Gets Another RSS Reader- Called Simple RSS Reader

This RSS Reader is easy to use and best of all, it’s free! Get it from Blackberry App World. Hit the break for more info

Caro- The Social BBM Integrated Tic Tac Toe Like Game Gets An Update With Bug Fixes

Caro, the game that plays like Tic Tac Toe was updated to v1.1.2. What’s the changelog? * Bugs fixed. * New mechanism helps Caro run faster, retrieve/update record faster and avoid losing record update when there is issue with Internet connection. * WiFi/BIS-B has highest priority while playing.

Bank Of America App Gets An Update

The Bank of America app for Blackberry was updated to v3.1.30. What’s included in the update? * Ability to view check images * Ability to save multiple Online IDs * Bug fixes

Battery Watch For Blackberry Gets An Update To v1.9.2

The free Battery Watch app was updated in our Nerdberry Store to v1.9.2. No changelog is available at this time. App Description: Get a quick overview on your BlackBerry device s battery state. Features: – Tracks battery status over time – Line chart visualization of battery state by day, week, month. – Integration into native […]

Pinbook For Blackberry In Open Beta, Ready For Download

Pinbook was recently in Closed Beta, and thus only available to certain users. Now it has been put into Open Beta and is ready to download. To recap: Pinbook is not just one of those BBM connected apps we keep downloading and trying out, its more like a “REAL” BBM social app! The app connects […]

Free Bubble Ball Game From Blackberry App World

This physics/logic thinking game comes with 35 free levels, with the option of buying 33 more. I think 35 is a good start though, most “free” editions of games come with 5 to 10. The goal of the game is guide the bubble to the exit using wood or metal pieces. The tricky part is […]