IT Manager For BlackBerry 10 Gets An Update

IT Manager got a major update to And it comes with some new features. IT Manager lets you monitor and manage your servers. The app itself is free to try and after the trial period you can choose weekly monthly or annual subscriptions. SSH and Telnet features: – SSH with password or key authentication […]

IT Manager for BlackBerry 10 adds SSH and Telnet to BES management app

If you are an IT admin this is the type of app that probably speaks to you.  IT Manager from SmarterApps allows IT admins to perform quite a few server administration tasks directly from their BlackBerry 10 device.  Now the app is also compatible with BlackBerry OS 5.0+, but hopefully your company has made the […]

Ragged Edge 3D, Race In Space, Try The Free Version On Your BlackBerry Z10

Ragged Edge 3D actually comes in a full version, but the free version allows you to try before you buy. They’ve given you 12 races to try . Race your vehicle in space, amongst 3D graphics. And you can actually race other people, up to 86. It’s available for the Z10 and the Playbook, but […]

Crystalinx For BlackBerry 10 And The Playbook, The Match-3 Type Game

Sameer Panwar from Neuroburst Software told us about his game Crystalinx for BlackBerry 10 and the Playbook. How he describes it: Crystalinx is a match-3 type game, but with a very novel gameplay experience. Instead of trying to blow up or pop everything, the game encourages flow, change, and creation. Control is like Chuzzle (sliding […]

Nobex Offers Free Trial And Reduced Price For Premium Service

Nobex won Entrepeneur of the Year at the BlackBerry Achievement Awards and what better way to say thanks, than to offer a huge discounts to your users. Nobex has reduced their premium service by a whopping 70%. The premium service gives you access to a greater range of radio stations.

Grazia Magazine, From The UK, Now Available For BlackBerry 10

Grazia Magazine has an Italian sounding but actually comes from the UK. Aimed at ” smart and modern women in the UK”, will also appeal to us westerners. A new issue comes out every week with content on fashion, news and beauty. You can keep up to date on the latest trends. The Grazia Magazine […]

Box Blasters From JaredCo, New Physics Game

Box Blasters has an Angry Bird like vibe, but there are no animals this time. Boxes are the main feature. Blast the boxes off the platform to get to the next level. There is even a trial version. If you like it, upgrade to the paid version. It’s only 99 cents so you won’t be […]

Amplify For Blackberry App Says It Will Make Your Blackberry More Efficient

Amplify is one of those apps that you don’t even realize you need until it’s shown to you. Say you’re in your emails reading one and it mentions an appointment, you have to go out of the email and into the calender app. With Amplify you can still access the calendar without leaving the emails. […]

HD Tablet TV PRO Free Download For The Playbook has put out a tv app, there is a free and paid version. Download the free one to check it out and if you like it get the paid version here. You can view tv shows right from your Playbook!

File Manager “Stuff” App, Explore Your Playbook Files, Blackberry Files And Dropbox

This is a fitting app name. You can access your files and folders, aka your “stuff” on your Playbook. You can look at your pictures, music, documents files in one place. Also using the app, you can access your Bridge connect Blackberry and Dropbox files.

Angry Pigs Seasons- Valentines Day Downloadable Game

Angry Pigs has their own regular level based games, but they also have a seasons version. In the current season you can find it set to a Valentines Day theme. Even though it has passed, it’s still colorful and suitable for what is going to be spring in a matter of days. I would imagine […]

Presta-To-Do Organizer, Syncs with your Native Tasks app

I use the native task application on my Blackberry Smartphone just about everyday! It is a great simple application but it could always be better and this is where Presta To Do Organizer comes in allows me to delegate what task I need and or want get done with a better UI and not to mention that is sync with my already native task application.

Old School Arcade Game Burn & Turn For The Playbook

Burn & Turn is a classic arcade game you can play right on your Playbook. As a dragon defending it’s castles, you must also capture princesses and destroy enemies. Get ready for 8 bit nostalgia! hit the break for a video preview!

Battle Frogging Game For Blackberry + Game Video

Battle Frogging is where the frogs fight back against the beavers who are destroyed the swamp where the frogs live. The frogs launch themselves out of a cannon and destroy the dams that the beavers have built. Hit the break for the game video