Eyebert Game Now Available For BlackBerry 10

Funkoi has released Eyebert for BlackBerry 10. It is only for BlackBerry 10. This is an adorable platformer game with two lead characters; Eyebert and Favvie. Finding decent platformer games on BlackBerry 10 proves to be a challenge. But Eyebert seems to fill in what was seriously lacking (imo). It’s got decent gameplay, colorful graphics […]

Refined Games Releases Cross Court Tennis 2

Refined Games has launched Cross Court Tennis 2 for BlackBerry 10. Specifically this game is for the Z10 and the Z30, probably due to the screen size. You can try out the free version first, which will allow you to get a handle on the controls. There’s a joystick to guide the ball in any […]

Flight Theory, Now There Is A Free Version

Many a game come with a free or trial version. And lots more you have to take a chance and pay for it before you even know if it is good. Jason Allen, the developer of Flight Theory has made a free version of the game. What you get is 3 levels of the full […]

Undersea Adventure Game For BlackBerry 10

Undersea Adventure has a pretty simple premise, get the submarine to the chest. Each time you hit the chest, you get to the next level. Tilt the phone to move around and press the screen to move up. Easy controls and simple premise sounds kind of boring. But you can’t run out of air, you […]

Clipboard History Apps Get An Update

S4BB let us know that they updated their Clipboard History apps, this includes the free version. The update includes improvement of the performance of the application and fixed reported bugs.

Get The Latest Update For Camera For Twitter For BlackBerry Smartphone

S4BB has updated Camera For Twitter and Camera For Twitter Free. The updated includes bug fixes. Features Connects with your Twitter account. Upload a photo with just one click.

Logo Frenzy released for BlackBerry, both in the Free and Premium variety

Logo Frenzy is a game that test your knowledge of brand name logo’s.  The game made its way to iOS a little while back and became popular for a short time, and now it is available on BlackBerry.  The game is very simple and comes in both a free and premium paid variety, and can […]

Make Your Own App With “Your First Application HD Pro” App For The Playbook

If you’ve ever considered making an app but decided against it because it was a bit overwhelming, then this app may be for you. For one thing, it assumes you have never made one and starts at a beginner level. There is a free version so you can try before you buy. With features like: […]

Fightin’ Words – Boost and Virgin Mobile Promo- Free Version

Fightin’ Words has been mentioned on Nerdberry before, well now it is being offered as a promo for Boost and Virgin Mobile. Described as the Blackberry alternative to Words With Friends, this is a nice freebie.

Simple Browser Gets An Update To v1.0.6

Both the free version and paid Simple Browser got updated to v1.0.6. There is no changelog available.