Forbes Dives Deeper on Globes’ Writers on BlackBerry Demise

Earlier this week the Globe and Mail publish an article entitled, Inside the fall of BlackBerry: How the smartphone inventor failed to adapt This articles has created a buzz around the tech world, and such a buzz that Forbes felt it was necessary to delve deeper into the writers of this article to see exactly what more […]

QNX OS to Power New Audi “MIB High” Infotainment System!

More and more automotive companies are looking to improve the overall driving experience of the cars we drive in our daily commute. Car maker Audi has chosen and Elektrobit has announced that QNX Software Systems has been chosen to provide the operating system and multimedia engine for MIB High, the next generation infotainment platform for Audi vehicles. As […]

Imagined: BlackBerry Mobile Computing in your Vehicle, In the Not-So-Distant Future!

Mobile Link With the new BlackBerry OS coming to release on the new BlackBerry Smartphones in the upcoming future. Beyond that the new BlackBerry OS will be a platform for mobile computing. “I’m not thinking about BlackBerry being the number one smartphone, BlackBerry needs to be number one in mobile computing.” Heins believes that RIM isn’t just […]

The Future of RIM, may have very little to do with cellphones

Thorsten Heins is a great CEO. He’s already made dramatic changes in regards to streamlining RIM from management down to manufacturing. But the real testament to Heins brilliance in this “transitionary” period, is the choice to forge ahead with BB10 instead of offering up BlackBerry handsets to Windows Phone 8 or whatever the latest build of […]

RIM Hosting Inaugural Future Developer Day at Pace University on March 30 in NYC

RIM just let us know that they will be hosting inaugural Future Developer Event at Pace University in New York City. During the event young developers will be able to learn tips and tricks from leading developers in the industry and much more!

Video: BlackBerry PlayBook Future Concepts

RIM has posted a couple of videos on the BlackBerry PlayBook Future Concepts! These videos are very impressive! Hit the break for the videos!

Editorial: My future with BlackBerry by @79stanger

A very good friend of mine (@79stanger) wrote the following editorial below. He has summarize the way a lot of media outlets and people feel about BlackBerry in general. I thought this was too good not to post on NerdBerry and he is a very addicted NerdBerry user. Please leave your comments below and be […]

“The Future of Web Development” Webcast on January 17th Hosted by RIM

Developers listen up! RIM will be hosting a webcast on “The Future of Web Development.” The webcast is said to prep developers for BlackBerry DevCon Europe. The webcast is open for any and all that want to join you can get set up here… Hit the break for more info!

Concept Video: The Future Looks Bright For BlackBerry

After watching both of these videos the future for BlackBerry looks extremely bright! The videos resemble Micorsoft’s “Office 2019” video. The videos are being branded as “BlackBerry Enterprising Minds” and shows off multiple applications for BBX and the future of BlackBerry. Hit the break to view the videos and don’t forget to leave your comments!