A BlackBerry Jam Event Everyone Can Attend…

Because it is virtual! BlackBerry is holding BlackBerry Jam Direct virtual conference on July 25th. This event is going to be about game development. And features BlackBerry Head of Gaming, Anders Jeppsson and game designer, Jane McGonigal. It’s going to be a can’t miss event! The starting time is 11am EST and should end at […]

NFC-enabled Tic Tac Toe Game on BlackBerry 9790 and BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha!

Mobile Link RIM has made it easy for developers to get on board and to develop for BlackBerry and BlackBerry 10, with the push for tomorrow technology and the use of NFC. RIM is pushing the envelope for a new way and wave of ways of NFC to be implemented into gaming for the current and new platform.  This short video shows a […]

Latin American Game Developers speak out about Independent Game Development

The smartphone game development community is not one that I follow very closely, but some info was shared with the guys at BBOS from Rock n’ Roll Studios about the game development scene in Latin America . I would have never guessed just how difficult it is to get a game published and featured.  It turns […]