Refined Games Releases Cross Court Tennis 2

Refined Games has launched Cross Court Tennis 2 for BlackBerry 10. Specifically this game is for the Z10 and the Z30, probably due to the screen size. You can try out the free version first, which will allow you to get a handle on the controls. There’s a joystick to guide the ball in any […]

Angry Birds Launches For BlackBerry 10

Rovio has finally launched Angry Birds for BlackBerry 10. Along with the original Angry Birds, you can also get Angry Birds Seasons. It has all the same levels as the original version so be prepared to play for hours, as it gets quick addictive. Like the iOS version it’s only 99 cents at BlackBerry World. […]

Fieldrunners 2 Makes A Reappearance In BlackBerry World

Fieldrunners 2 was prematurely launched in BlackBerry World. At the time it could only be played if you had OS 10.2. Oops. Because 10.2 hasn’t yet launched to everyone, this would mean hardly anyone could play it. Subatomic Studios has updated the game so you only need 10.1 to play. The Strategic-Action-Puzzle-Defense has over 20 […]

Roulette King Now Available For BlackBerry 10

The folks over at Magmic have now brought Roulette King to BlackBerry 10. With promises of “The most realistic roulette experience” and 18 different ways to bet, you can have fun “gambling” for hours. This isn’t your standard roulette game. On Magmic’s website they also have a sign up for Roulette King. You can be […]

NeverMaze For BlackBerry 10, Takes Mazes To Another Level

NeverMaze for BlackBerry 10 is different than your standard maze game. Although I am not sure that many exist. In any case, NeverMaze’s name fit its premise. Because it is set up to create billions of different unique mazes, you likely (read:never)will not see the same one again. This would also mean you would be […]

Ragged Edge 3D, Race In Space, Try The Free Version On Your BlackBerry Z10

Ragged Edge 3D actually comes in a full version, but the free version allows you to try before you buy. They’ve given you 12 races to try . Race your vehicle in space, amongst 3D graphics. And you can actually race other people, up to 86. It’s available for the Z10 and the Playbook, but […]

Read The Sector Strike Strategy Guide And FAQ for BlackBerry 10

Sector Strike has been out for a while, but some people are just discovering it. A help strategy guide is now available and you can read the whole thing here. The game is playable for the Playbook and the Z10. Read the strategy guide below. Strategy Guide: Sector Strike is a hit multi-platform side scrolling […]

Crystalinx For BlackBerry 10 And The Playbook, The Match-3 Type Game

Sameer Panwar from Neuroburst Software told us about his game Crystalinx for BlackBerry 10 and the Playbook. How he describes it: Crystalinx is a match-3 type game, but with a very novel gameplay experience. Instead of trying to blow up or pop everything, the game encourages flow, change, and creation. Control is like Chuzzle (sliding […]

MiniSquadron Game Now Available For BlackBerry 10

MiniSquadron was just released for BlackBerry 10. This is an arcade style shooter game with airplanes. And you can also play it on both the Z10 and the Q10. There is a game trailer to check out below.

Quell, A Puzzler Game, Comes To BlackBerry 10

Fallen Tree Games has released Quell for BlackBerry 10, a port over from Android. It’s a puzzle game with BlackBerry’s Scoreloop social gaming integration.As the player you must slide a droplet around a layout of obstacles, traps and pathways, until you have collected all the pearls .And it offers compatibility with both the Q10 and […]

Hairy Tales Now Available For BlackBerry 10

Hairy Tales is a new puzzle action game brought to you by Arges Games SRL. It is your job to keep the Hairys from falling over the ledge because they don’t watch where they are going. Destroy the Kikimoras as well as the bosses at the end of each world. To keep the Hairys from […]

Fly Kiwi Fly! – US Tour Now Available For BlackBerry 10 And The Playbook

Kiwi cashed in his Air Miles and wants to the tour the USA. He got his passport and is ready to gamble in Las Vegas. I decided that’s why he is going to Vegas because the description doesn’t say. It just says ” reasons all of his own!” This is a sequel to Fly Kiwi […]

Amazing Breaker Game For BlackBerry 10

More puzzley type games are coming to BlackBerry 10. The latest being Amazing Breaker. Actually it was made back in January but better late mentioning it than never. Aim and shoot the bombs at the target, all while looking at the cool drawings. Hit the break for a game trailer!

Luke At The Stars For BlackBerry Playbook, Makes You Read The Game Title Twice

First because I thought it was Star Wars related. And then because it really is “look at the stars.” Took me a minute to realize, I was a bit slow I admit. Anyway, Luke has a cute back story: Luke at the Stars is a tiny puzzle game that tells the story of Luke, a […]

Tap N Pop For BlackBerry 10 Lite And Paid Version

Tap N Pop has just been released for BlackBerry 10. The game was made by Software River Solutions, Inc., who made both a paid and a lite version. Tap N Pop is one of those collect the same color games, comparable to Bejeweled.

Game On With Brick Breaker Anubis For BlackBerry 10

The guys at S4BB are at it again. This time they’ve made a game. Brick Breaker Anubis is newer better version of the game we’ve come to know from the original BlackBerries.

Autumn Dynasty, A New Game For BlackBerry 10

This is Touch Dimensions’ first game for the BlackBerry 10 OS. Autumn Dynasty is a multi touch strategy adventure ported over from iOS. The Chinese painting comes to life as a battlefield and you have to fight off barbarians. With exceptional graphics, and elaborate gameplay, this definitely is a worthy port.

Free Version Of N.O.V.A 3 Now Available

We recently let you know that N.O.V.A 3 was released for BlackBerry 10. Since then Gameloft has released a free version of the game.

Where’s My Perry Puzzle Game For BlackBerry 10

Where’s My Perry was launched for BlackBerry 10. Where’s My Perry is part of a series of games that have been put out by Disney. The game features more than 80 puzzles across 4 chapters. The physics based puzzle uses water in different forms to solve the puzzles. There is also collectables, challenges and bonus […]

Catch The Panda Game For BlackBerry 10

ale7714 Designs has put out this new kids game called Catch The Panda. The adorable game has a fairly easy concept. You have to catch all the pandas(duh) before the time runs out. More pandas more points. Along the way you must avoid obstacles and collect power ups. There are two game modes, touch and […]