Jewelled Game For Blackberry Lets You Challenge Your Friends Via BBM Connect

Jeweled for Blackberry is like Bejeweled. You have to line up at least three of the same jewels in a row for them to disappear and you to collect points. You only get a certain amount of time to clear them out. BBM Connect comes into play because you can challenge your friends scores. This […]

Spider Solitaire For Blackberry

I love solitaire! Spider solitaire just kicks it up a notch. This one has the title of Spider but it also comes with regular solitaire. Two for one, my kind of deal. It is harder to find Solitaire games for Blackberry that are compatible with the older devices, but this one is.

Antarctica Game For Blackberry Smartphones And The Playbook

Antarctica By Colombia Games is offering the game free for both Blackberry smartphones and the Playbook. Eskimo has to save all the frozen animals, get them together and they melt and are freed.

Juminja Game For Blackberry Smartphones

Juminja is a Zuma like game for your Blackberry. This version features pandas and ninjas ! I especially like how colorful the background designs are. Shot the ninjas out the cannon to get three matching colors and clear it all out until the next level.

Stunt Pear Physics Game For The Playbook

Stunt Pear is a physics game with 144 puzzles, which means you better have a lot of time on your hands. It’s not short on different ways to solve the puzzles either, shopping carts are used, skateboards and more!

FruityPush for BlackBerry PlayBook Free Game Download

FruityPush is available for the Playbok. This is a sokoban like game with 61 levels. The object of the game is to push the fruit around into the correct places.

Peggle Game For Blackberry

Clear each level by shooting at the specific colored peg. You only get a certain number of balls, so it isn’t as easy as it sounds. There are 75 challenges in all.

Traffic Master Game For The Playbook

Traffic Master is from Marmalade SDK. It continues on the traffic theme games. Keep the cars and other vehicles from crashing into each other.

Romance of Rome Game Put Out By HeroCraft, More Games On The Way

HeroCraft has just launched Romance of Rome for the Playbook. This game is just one of 11 total games that they are launching on the Playbook. An adventure game set in…Rome(durr) where you ultimately have to win the heart of the Emperor’s daughter. This isn’t going to be an easy task, you have to solve […]

Fruit Salad Shop Game For The Blackberry Torch 9800

Fruit Salad Shop game was just launched a week ago. It is exclusive to the Blackberry Torch 9800. This is a memory game using fruit salad as the game pieces, you must remember what the recipes are. As you go on, the recipes become longer and more complicated. There are 50 levels to unlock.

Bumbee Game For The Playbook, Help Her Rescue Her Babies, Plus Game Trailer

Bumbee is a neat little adventure game where you have the Queen Bee rescuing her bee babies. Bumbee has to unfreeze them to get to the next level. With a new level generating every 3rd hour, there is no end in sight!

Solitaire With BBM Connect! For Blackberry Smartphones And Free To Download

I love Solitaire. Favorite card game ever and you don’t need another person to play. This Solitaire game is for your Blackberry and it has BBM connect. Since it is a single player game, you obviously aren’t going to play against someone else on BBM, but you can challenge them to beat your score.

Fightin’ Words – Boost and Virgin Mobile Promo- Free Version

Fightin’ Words has been mentioned on Nerdberry before, well now it is being offered as a promo for Boost and Virgin Mobile. Described as the Blackberry alternative to Words With Friends, this is a nice freebie.

Price Drops For Union Games As Cheap As 99 Cents

Union has been releasing games for the past few months for the Playbook. Although none of their games were particularly expensive, it’s nice when the price gets dropped. And Union has changed the pricing on a number of their games.

Cut The Thread Game For Blackberry

Cut The Thread isn’t really a good title for this game. I am thinking Feed The Puppy Something would be more accurate. In the vain of cut the rope, you must cut the thread to get the item to the puppy. It gets more challenging as you pass each level.

Rebuild- A Zombie Apocalypse Game Is Launched For The Playbook

Rebuild is a zombie apocalypse game and you need to defend your fort in order to survive. There are some survivors who you can put to work so you don’t have to do it alone. Rebuild is the perfect title for a game like this.

Traffic Mania Game For The Playbook

Traffic Mania game is available for the Playbook. Another traffic type game where you have to guide the cars through the streets without hitting other cars and objects. If you crash, you have to start all over again.

Seagull Poop Onslaught Game For Blackberry Smartphones

Yep.. a game based on seagull poop. You must save the world from the Seagull poop that’s falling. Well, at least you the game is free and amusing. Get it from Blackberry App World.

Blackberry Playbook Gets OpenSudoku Game

OpenSudoku got ported over from Android and is available as a Blackberry Playbook game. There are 30 levels with 3 degrees of difficulty. In order to play it, you do need the Android Player for the Playbook.

Unity Adds Another Game To Their Playbook Game Collection: Super Crossfire

A new day, a new Unity game. Super Crossfire from Radian Games is a shooter game, rapid fire and very colorful. This is one of those games that reminds you of an old school one but is very modern looking. hit the break for a video preview