BlackBerry 10 UI Breakdown–Rebuilding the User Experience for Next-Gen, Gesture Based OS

BlackBerry 10 represents a complete departure from older BlackBerrys. The company, formerly known as Research In Motion, has completely taken on the brand identity BlackBerry, and has done away with the old company–a symbolic way of putting down the giant that was RIM which brought them from 1984-2013. In term, a reflective way for them […]

BlackBerry granted patent for gesture recognized touch-free image manipulation

BlackBerry has been granted a new patent today that touches upon gesture recognition for photo manipulation.  The latest patent deals specifically with how one will interact with a photo or image on their smartphone without having to actually touch the screen.

Overview of BlackBerry 10 Gesture Navigation vs 9900 Trackpad

Mobile Link This video covers some of the core built in services of BlackBerry 10 like HUB and the Peek and Flow gesture based user interface, along with how navigation feels between the flagship 9900 and Z10 phones, both of which sport a touchscreen display from BlackBerry

The Four Main Navigation Gestures in BlackBerry 10 Demoed on Video

When I tell people that BlackBerry 10 is a gesture based OS I sometimes get quizzical looks on what that means. Thankfully Jeff Gadway, RIM’s senior product marketing manager, kindly decided to show off the top four navigation gestures in a video. (each direction) They more of less show the gestures that we will be […]

Detailed Pics Of BlackBerry 10 Tutorial Surface

We are a mere 18 days away from the launch of BlackBerry 10, so it only seems right that we are getting a ton of leaks lately. This latest one is screenshots of the BlackBerry 10 tutorial that covers gestures, setup and notifications.  BlackBerry 10, much like the PlayBook OS, takes advantage of edge to […]

BlackBerry 10 to feature Two Finger Gesture to Show/Hide Keyboard

The PlayBook brought quite a few very efficient gestures to the BlackBerry experience, and we were assuming that some of these would make their way to BlackBerry 10.  RIM has now shared out the show/hide keyboard will function, and it will feature a gesture.