BeMaps 10 Pro gets updated again for BlackBerry 10

Bellshare GmbH has released a huge update for BeMaps 10 Pro for BlackBerry 10 devices. With BeMaps you can explore new places, discover local favorites, and navigate your world with BeMaps 10 Pro with Google Maps for BlackBerry 10. BeMaps 10 Pro is a native Cascades app with a simple, easy-to-use design. Below is the […]

BeMaps 10 Pro brings Google Maps to BlackBerry 10 within a native app

If you have been looking for an alternative to BlackBerry Maps, and don’t feel like sideloading Google Maps, you my want to try out BeMaps 10 Pro.  This native app from Bellshare uses Google Maps to provide you will all the directions and navigation you may need.  While the app does cost $3.99, it may […]

Google Maps for BlackBerry Once Again Available Ver. 4.5.3

Around December time it seemed that Google had pulled its support for Maps on BlackBerry devices. Recently Google Maps was spotted once again available for BB this time at a newer version 4.5.3. Nice to have official support of one of Googles best apps on BB. Maybe 75+ million users is a bit too much […]

Google BlackBerry Apps Page No Longer Works – Now Filed Under “Other”

There is something strange afoot this morning, as it seems that the Google Mobile Apps for BlackBerry have gone missing. Google Maps has been the go-to maps app for BlackBerry for quite some time now, but whether intentional or not, it no longer appears when you try to download it onto your BlackBerry from the […]

GPS Maps for Google Maps Pro For Blackberry Playbook And Blackberry Smartphones

Skylab Mobilesystems Limited and S4BB teamed up to make this app. You can get Google Maps on your Blackberry Playbook and smartphone. Features: – Street Level Maps – Satellite Imagery – Terrain Maps

Plan Your Own Covert Operation with Black Ops Maps app for BlackBerry Smartphones and PlayBook

Any of you out there that are a fan of the Black Ops video game, then you might be interested in planning out your own covert operations with Skylab Mobilesystems Black Ops Maps app for BlackBerry.  The Black Ops Maps is a twist on their standard Google Maps application, but with a very different theme overtop […]

GPS Maps using Google Maps Updated to v7.4.0.14

GPS Map Tool that uses the Google Maps Map Provider. – Street Level Maps – Satellite Imagery – Terrain Maps Optimized for BlackBerry PlayBook and BlackBerry Smartphones. Full Multi-Touch Support

iKey iLocator by iKey Corp – Locates You in Real Time

iKey iLocator by iKey Corp has a lot of promise for starters it is a FREE application the only charges you will receive are SMS charges. iKey iLocator is a GPS tracking application that shares your location via Google maps. Hit the break for more!