BlackBerry Q10 goes global

BlackBerry’s first QWERTY smartphone running the Canadian firm’s new BlackBerry 10 software is finally set to go on sale through all the major carriers in the US over the coming days. The BlackBerry Q10 is also tipped for release in India, as the company looks to increase its presence across the globe and slowly claw […]

Guest Article: BlackBerry World: Can BlackBerry Compete With Other App Stores?

It’s been over a month since BlackBerry 10 was unleashed upon the world, making its debut on the new BlackBerry Z10 smartphone. Although the platform was well received, there has been trouble in camp BlackBerry because developers are reluctant to create apps for the BlackBerry World app store.

Guest Article: Unleash the power of HTML5 from @shashwatpradhan

BlackBerry 10 comes with the fastest browser ever made. The much debated topic of Native vs HTML5 now on its peak with Facebook ditching HTML5 and going more towards native. Mark Zuckerberg’s comments supporting native development caused much debate in the HTML5 community. To prove him wrong Sencha touch made Fastbook, a facebook client faster […]

Guest Article: Fanboys and Loyalists by @siddhartha_c

When a product is launched, eventually it goes one of the two possible ways: 1. It flops and eventually dies out – and a lot of people don’t ever get to use it (not saying that the product may be bad, but it just fails to catch on) – like the Ping by Apple and […]

Guest Article By @fortneyland95: Slotch – World time, Weather, Alarm.

Mobile Link I had the honor of using this app from  I-Mentalist thanks to Hedone!  Their Slotch app offers up the weather along with a world clock and multiple alarms into one PlayBook app.  Its makes the app into one sweet bedside clock along with nice integration with FUZZengine which allows for images downloaded from […]