Alleged Vulnerability found on BlackBerry thanks to OMA-DM Exploit??

Over the years we have seen many devices get rooted and ‘hack’ hell I have rooted my own devices just for fun! News is now coming out the during last weeks BlackHat 2014 conference held in Las Vegas that iOS, Android and even BlackBerry devices are vulnerable to “the mechanisms used to update smartphone operating […]

WhatsApp Site Gets Hacked By Palestinian Hackers

The above is what the WhatsApp website looked like earlier today. It was the result of peace loving Palestinian Hackers. Other than defacing the site, it doesn’t appear that any real harm was done. Although one could argue that this might not make many people feel safe using the messaging platform if the data could […]

UK Government accused of intercepting data from BlackBerry smartphones of G20 Delegates?!?!

Hey 007, How did you break the security on my BlackBerry smartphone? In an article from Guardian today it is being rumored that the U.K. government spied on G20 summit meeting guests in London. The report states that the UK government was able to bypass BlackBerry’s security as well as setting up internet cafes with […]