Blaq Available for BlackBerry Z10 Users Running OS 10.1

The Blaq application is finally available for the BlackBerry Z10, users can update and download the new Blaq for BlackBerry Application with intergreation to BlackBerry 10 along with the new update to BlackBerry OS 10.1. You can now use the all-new rebuilt-from-the-ground–up Blaq experience is designed to delight you around every corner, and provide the most intuitive, original interaction you’ve ever had with […]

Skype now available for BlackBerry Z10 owners with 10.1 update

Today during the BlackBerry Live Keynote, CEO Thorsten Heins made it official that Skype is now available for BlackBerry Z10 owners.  This is of course in conjunction with the start of the roll-out of the BlackBerry 10.1 update for the Z10.  Previously some Z10 owners that had loaded one of the leaked builds of 10.1 […]

Thorsten Heins Talks Q10 and US Launch with Fox Business

Thorsten Heins continues on the media trail giving more insight of the new full QWERTY device, the BlackBerry Q10. Thorsten also details how the Q10 as well as BlackBerry is looking to target its consumer base of “hyper-connected multitasking achieving people” the true BlackBerry people. Check out the video, and let us know what you think of Thorsten’s statements to Fox Business. Watch the latest video […]

CEO Thorsten Heins Details the BlackBerry Q10 with Bloomberg

With the BlackBerry Q10 launch getting underway, response and the adoption of the new device has been overwhelming. CEO Thorsten Heins sat down with Bloomberg to discuss the new BlackBerry Q10 “Expectations are high against the installed user base, so we expect several tens of millions of units” its launch as well as what we […]

CEO Thorsten Heins: Yes, we have teams working on BB10 for the BlackBerry PlayBook

Ever since the release of BlackBerry 10 OS, current BlackBerry PlayBook users have been wondering if and when the BlackBerry 10 devices will receive the BlackBerry 10 update. CEO Thorsten Heins confirmed that the BlackBerry PlayBook will be updated to BlackBerry 10.

Thorsten Heins Will Be Speaking To the Empire Club Of Canada On February 5th

Now that BlackBerry 10 and the BlackBerry Z10/Q10 are announced CEO Thorsten Heins will probably be making a lot of appearance around the world.  Today we have word that Thorsten will be speaking with The Empire Club of Canada on February 5th to a sold out crowd.  Since the event is sold out you can tune in […]

QNX OS to Power New Audi “MIB High” Infotainment System!

More and more automotive companies are looking to improve the overall driving experience of the cars we drive in our daily commute. Car maker Audi has chosen and Elektrobit has announced that QNX Software Systems has been chosen to provide the operating system and multimedia engine for MIB High, the next generation infotainment platform for Audi vehicles. As […]

Imagined: BlackBerry Mobile Computing in your Vehicle, In the Not-So-Distant Future!

Mobile Link With the new BlackBerry OS coming to release on the new BlackBerry Smartphones in the upcoming future. Beyond that the new BlackBerry OS will be a platform for mobile computing. “I’m not thinking about BlackBerry being the number one smartphone, BlackBerry needs to be number one in mobile computing.” Heins believes that RIM isn’t just […]

The Engadget Interview: RIM CEO Thorsten Heins on BlackBerry 10, QWERTY keyboards and changing cultures

This is another fantastic interview from Thorsten Heins speaking in depth about his plans for BlackBerry 10 and the future of Research in Motion. It’s worth watching to the end. My favorite quote from the video “You will be seeing exciting products from RIM on January 30th” Perhaps he just means the L-Series and N-series phones. Or maybe […]