Suffering with ‘Blue LED’ errors on your BlackBerry 10 device? Here is the fix!

Have you had your BlackBerry 10 device start up with a ‘Blue LED’ error? Well if so there is now a fix for that issue. If you are not similar with the blue LED  it happens on rare occasions on leaked OS 10.3.1 builds. When your BlackBerry 10 device is manually restarted all the data […]

BlackBerry Q10 The Ultimate End User Handbook

So I just arrived at my office and was checking my emails when I received one from Giancarlo Ferreri. Giancarlo Ferreri is the self-published author who wrote the “BlackBerry Q10 The Ultimate End User Handbook.” The e-Book is currently available on Amazon for just $11.31USD. Here is what Giancarlo had to say in the email: […]

Get All The BBM Emoticons On Your Iphone Or Android BBM

BlackBerry users already know about all the available emoticons or special characters for BBM. The BBM for all that was launched for the Iphone and Android does not have the whole set. There are a number of them missing. The guide below seems to fill the gap of the missing ones. Read on for instructions […]

Don’t Like The BBM Action Bar? Here’s How To Get Rid Of It

For those on Android and Iphone who are still getting used to BBM may not know how to get rid of that pesky BBM action bar. Why is it such a problem? It takes up quite a bit of screen real estate. On the home page of BBM, it shows your contacts on the left. […]

BlackBerry Makes How To BBM Videos

BBM is here for iOS and Android. It’s pretty easy to use but for those who don’t know, BlackBerry has put together some easy how to videos. You can learn all about BBM. How to Add a Contact by PIN: BBM for Android and iPhone makes it easy to add new people to your BBM […]

How To: Possibly Delete a Sent but Unread BBM Messages

During the day or those late night -OH enduced conversation a few times you may accidently send the wrong BBM to the wrong contact well there is a way to stop those unsent messages. Check out the video above and save yourself, from yourself.     Source: BerryReview

BlackBerry Z30 help and how-to site up and running

BlackBerry has hoisted up a help and how-to website for the BlackBerry Z30. The site will give you a chance to explore the device and its features. This will also show you some of the features of BlackBerry 10.2. Let us know what you think about the how-to site in the comments. You can learn […]

Lots Of Cascades & WebWorks Online Training Courses Available For Free For BlackBerry 10 Devs

If you are planning on developing for BlackBerry 10, the first place you should go to is this site. It is loaded with tons of training courses to help you get that app done. Everything important is covered, Native & Cascades, Webworks and Enterprise. These are fully interactive training courses. It comes with a full […]

How to sideload to your BlackBerry 10 and PlayBook using Wifi

I have saw alot of post about how to use DDPB through your wifi and not a USB cable. So here’s a quick tutorial on how to do it. These are the steps : 1. Put the BlackBerry10 or PB in Developer Mode. 2. Find IP Address of your device or Playbook (NOT the IP […]

How to Fix a “Bricked” BlackBerry 10 Device

Most of us Nerds have “bricked” our BlackBerry devices before and were able to recover it using the steps below. I have put together the below walk through on how to restore your BlackBerry 10. We hope these steps help you get back up and running fast. Close BlackBerry Link (and BlackBerry Desktop Software) if installed. […]

If You Have Switched To BlackBerry 10 From The iPhone, You May Be Having Trouble Sending Text Messages

Some users who had switched to BlackBerry 10 from the iPhone had noticed they were having problems sending text messages. And over at Crackberry Bla1ze posted up an article explaining how a member had discovered the problem. Hey Kevin, I’ve been a BB user for the past 10 years and love the platform. Because I […]

How-To: Run Just About Any Android 2.3.3 app on BlackBerry 10

xsacha has put together a great how to on being able to run just about any Android 2.3.3 application on BlackBerry 10. This process is not really geared for the noobs but more for advanced users. Check out the how to below and let us know in the comments what apps you have working on […]

Get the BlackBerry 10 Developer OS on your BlackBerry PlayBook

Back at the beginning of the month we published images showing BlackBerry 10 running on the PlayBook. Well Kyle (@BBKyle_) was able to put together instructions on how to load the BlackBerry 10 Developer OS on your BlackBerry PlayBook. This will work for both Windows & Mac – just ensure you have the tools that […]

Official How To Videos for the BlackBerry Q10 Now Available

BlackBerry has released eleven official “how to demo” videos on the BlackBerry Q10. These videos show everything from BlackBerry Hub to the calendar application. Below you will be able to watch all eleven videos, let us know in the comments what you think about them. Using Calendar App: BlackBerry Q10 – Official How To Demo […]

BlackBerry Z10 Tips & Tricks Videos

BlackBerry has recently published five new tips 7 tricks videos on their YouTube channel. The videos cover everything from customizing to user interface tips and tricks. Below you will be able to watch all five videos in one place, after watching them feel free to let us know in the comments if you learned anything […]

Have a broken LCD on your BlackBerry Z10? No problem Here is how to fix it!

One of my biggest fears is dropping my BlackBerry Z10 and cracking the display. I have broken a few BlackBerry devices in the past and if it were not for having insurance I would have been screwed to say the least. Well the team over at Tech Guyz have put together a great how to […]

10 Ways To Extend The Battery Life On The BlackBerry Z10

Smart phones now are like mini computers. Mini computers that gobble up the battery life. Remember the days when your battery life lasted more then a day? Ya, that was probably because your phone could only text or call. Batteries are still a bit behind, but if we want slimmer phones then the battery needs […]

BlackBerry’s Official How To Demo: Docs To Go – Getting Started: BlackBerry Z10

Mobile Link With Documents To Go, BlackBerry® 10 devices allow you to stay productive without having to carry a laptop, with a true mobile productivity suite. Update inventory charts in a spreadsheet, make last minute edits to a press release, give stunning presentations or get feedback from a colleague over BBM Video, all without the […]

BlackBerry’s Official How To Demo: BlackBerry Remember: BlackBerry Z10

Mobile Link Group relevant photos, lists, messages and web links into one place with BlackBerry® Remember — then sync tasks with your Microsoft® Outlook® calendar. Plus, with Documents To Go and Adobe® Reader built in, you can update spreadsheets, documents and presentations on the move.

BlackBerry’s Official How To Demo: Using Contacts App: BlackBerry Z10

Mobile Link Your Contacts app on the BlackBerry® Z10 is integrated with social media, and gives the ability to customize ring tones, search, filter and choose what information is included.