How To: Setup Contacts & Calendar sync using BlackBerry Link 1.1.1 for Windows

BlackBerry Link for Windows and Mac has been updated to version 1.1.1. with it comes changes of finally, the ability allows you to synchronize your local Microsoft Outlook contacts and\or calendar data between your computer and a BlackBerry 10 device running BlackBerry 10 OS version 10.1 or later. Note: Using a Mac? An updated version of BlackBerry Link […]

BlackBerry Q10 Keyboard Shortcuts, See The Complete List

Since the BlackBerry Q10 has a physical keyboard, it comes with shortcuts. Between the Globe and Mail and BBE, they have compiled several pages of information on what they do. It’s a hand cheat sheet. Learn as you go or know the keys before you get the phone.

Video Demos Show Up Online for the BlackBerry Q10

With the launch of the BlackBerry Q10 right around the corner for Canadians the BlackBerry Q10 support site, has posted some awesome video demos. These video demos show off a number of things on the BlackBerry Q10 from a basic overview to media and more. After the break you will find a full list of […]

Download The Engineering Screen Unlock Code Generator App: ESX

Yesterday we told you about accessing the Engineering Screen on your BlackBerry 10.ESX was created to automatically create the code generator.Thus eliminating steps 4 and 5. Get it for free from this link.

Accessing The BlackBerry 10 Engineering Screen, A Helpful How-to Guide

It has been discovered how to access the BlackBerry 10 Engineering Screen, through multiple sources. By accessing the Engineering screen you can access certain info and settings, this is more complex than your normal settings. One of the things you can do is change the LTE settings, turning it off to save battery life.

BlackBerry Makes Official How-To Video On Updating The BlackBerry Z10 Software

Some people are natural techies that figure things out on their own. Other people need guidance. I fall somewhere in the middle. BlackBerry is taking out the guess work of updating software on the BlackBerry Z10. BlackBerry 10 is new to everyone and is a bit trickier to navigate so they have made a video […]

How to Wirelessly Sync your Outlook Calendar and Contacts on the BlackBerry Z10

If you have a new BlackBerry Z10 but want to sync your Outlook calendar and contacts the process isn’t exactly straight forward.  Luckily the folks over at the Inside BlackBerry Blog has posted a nice how-to walk through on how to do it.  There are a few little tricks to get this done, and as […]

Coming To BlackBerry 10 From Android, iPhone Or Even BlackBerry? Here Is How To Transfer Your Data

Normally transferring all your precious data, apps and contacts from one BlackBerry to another is a simple task.  Well with BlackBerry 10 it is a new operating system, and there are some new procedures that you might not be aware of.  And for those of you coming back into the fold from Android or iOS, BlackBerry has you covered as […]

Make A BlackBerry App With Your Content In Under 10 Minutes! [Video]

If you have a blog, YouTube channel or just want to share all your Facebook updates in a BlackBerry app there is a new method that is easy and simply.  This can all be accomplished using the BlackBerry App Generator, and it means that you can make your app in under 10 minutes.  Hit the […]

Not sure how to use BBM Voice? Check out this How-To Video

Well today has marked the day that BBM Voice is available to the masses. and some of you may be wondering just exactly how to use it.  The process is very simple, and will seem like second nature once you get the hang of it.  Lucky for us RIM has put out a quick how-to […]

TAT Gives BlackBerry Jam & Developer Microsites Redesigned Facelift

TAT, The Astonishing Tribe was acquired by RIM and with the future of Blackberry Tablet OS which powers the Blackberry Playbook as well as the new Blackberry 10 OS. With their ability to deliver amazing UI’s as well as killer interfaces they have launched new microsites to the BlackBerry developer community with the BlackBerry Jam Zone given a facelift to […]

How-To: Enable Mobile Hotspot on your BlackBerry smartphone

RIM’s update to OS 7.1 introduced an invaluable feature called Mobile Hotspot, What that does is it allows your BlackBerry to act as a Wireless router where you or people you know can actually connect to your BlackBerry and access internet using your BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service) plan. The speed they will get is dependent […]

How to setup your Compass on BlackBerry 7 devices

One of the new features that BlackBerry 7 devices have is the compass functionality.  AS this is a relatively new feature to BlackBerry users I am sure that some of you out there haven’t bothered to set it up, or perhaps you didn’t even realize how useful it can be.  The Inside BlackBerry Blog has […]