Hp ePrint App Coming to BB10 Soon

HP was one of the many vendors that were at the BlackBerry Live and they told attendees that they would be releasing their popular ePrint app for BB10 very soon.   This app is available for legacy BlackBerry Devices but there has not been an app developed for BB10 but the reps did state that the […]

Oracle Thought About buying RIM or Palm

Oracle was at one point interested in possibly buying RIM and/or Palm so they could take on Google and Apple head on. “Oracle Corp Chief Executive Larry Ellison said the software maker had considered building its own smartphone to compete with Apple Inc and Google Inc, but decided it was a “bad idea” after a […]

Developers: You can start Porting HP webOS applications to BlackBerry WebWorks Platform & Win!

Well well what do we have here, developers now that Hewlett Packard’s OS has been open source to the  community, you can now port your webOS application to Blackberry using the WebWorks Platform!!! This is great news for developers to not only showcase their applications to a broader end base, but as well as improving the Blackberry applcation ecosystem. Hit the […]

WebOS May Find Itself A New Home At RIM

WebOS has been a huge failure for HP. HP is looking to put it up for sale and it looks like RIM is very interested in purchasing it.