Yankee Group Report Shows BlackBerry Selling Better Than Motorola X And HTC One

Yankee Group reports that the second quarter results are favorable to BlackBerry vs the HTC and Motorola. That seems to be about the only positive result that they have had. As the Z10 inventory is not exactly selling like hotcakes. BlackBerry had to write down about 900 Million in inventory recently. But that is still […]

Blackberry Doesn’t Make The Yahoo Employee Phone List

Once upon a time Blackberry was the go to Business device for companies. Then it became one of a few choices. Now it is missing entirely from companies’ top phone choices for their employees. The case with Yahoo is that employees have 5 phones to pick from:iPhone 5, HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy S III, […]

HTC not ruling out licensing BlackBerry 10

We have heard numerous rumors since the last earnings calls from RIM of other OEMs and vendors looking at licensing BlackBerry 1o.  It seems that HTC is one of these companies, and they apparently are not opposed to the idea.

Rumor: RIM Could License BlackBerry 10 To Other Manufacturers Like HTC and Samsung?

There is a new rumor circling the interwebs today, this time RIM may be thinking about licensing BlackBerry 10 to other manufactures. Jim Balsillie stated the the new BlackBerry 10 devices would “leap frog” the competition when they are released… With everything RIM has been faced with in 2011 licensing BlackBerry 10 to other manufactures could […]