PlayOn for BlackBerry 10 – Stream Hulu, Netflix*, Redbox*, Amazon VOD and much more!

MediaMall Technologies, Inc. has just released PlayOn for BlackBerry 10. With PlayOn you can stream Hulu, Netflix*, Redbox*, Amazon VOD*, NBC, ABC, FOX, CBS, Comedy Central,*, NHL*, CNN, CBS, ESPN, ESPN3,, SpikeTV, The Food Network, PBS, PBS Kids, MTV and Vevo and more from your PC to your Balckberry 10 device. This app […]

Want Hulu on Your PlayBook? Check out luhu!

One thing that has been eluding us since the PlayBook’s launch is the ability to watch Hulu on our PlayBook’s. We were able to use the popular site when DingleBerry was out, but that was short lived. A developer by the name of Daniel Bigham has recently released Luhu for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Luhu is […]

DingleBerry Root Tool Updated to v3.1.0!

The DingleBerry team has updated their PlayBook root exploit tool to v3.1.0! This update includes a built in downgrade tool load the core OS and or the entire OS to a rootable version! This update also includes the Hulu enabler which of course lets you finally watch Hulu on your PlayBook, that many users were having issues with!

DingleBerry Root Tool Updated to v3.02 – Fixes an issue with Hulu

Yesterday we saw the DingleBerry root tool for the PlayBook get updated to v3.0. With the release of v3.0 brought HuluBerry Browser as well as the ability to downgrade the PlayBook OS to a rootable version. V3.0 had some issues that caused HuluBerry not to function correctly, well have no fear as the DingleBerry root […]

Video Shows Dingleberry Root On the BlackBerry PlayBook! – Dingleberry Enables Hulu on PlayBook!

Yesterday we told you about the PlayBook being rooted with “DingleBerry”! Today we now have video proof the the BlackBerry PlayBook has been in fact rooted! Whe you hit the break below you will find two videos that show off the awesomely rooted PlayBook! Did you know the PlayBook has three LED colors? Green, red […]