Quick Look: HuluBerry for the BlackBerry PlayBook

In this video Sleepracer from NerdBerry.net shows of HuluBerry for the BlackBerry PlayBook! As most BlackBerry lovers know Hulu was blocked on the PlayBook. Well since you now have the ability to root it with the DingleBerry exploit Hulu has been reintroduced to PlayBook owners! Hit the break to check out the video!

DingleBerry’s HuluBerry Has Been Blocked on the PlayBook!

***UPDATE***: I just reloaded HuluBerry using DingleBerry and it is working again…. Not really sure what is going on here…   Well this morning I was finally able to get Hulu up and running on my rooted PlayBook. I thought this is great I can check out some old shows! I watched thew Simpsons and […]