Devs: Try Out these BlackBerry 10 Icons!

Developers are you busy currently building your BlackBerry 10 applications? Well to help make your applications look and give it that overall new BlackBerry 10 smell, Myers Design has made it easy for you to get started cooking up more BlackBerry flavors for your apps with BlackBerry 10 icons! Hit the jump to grab them for your BlackBerry […]


Are You Wondering Where BlackBerry Bridge Browser Icon Went?

With the release PlayBook OS 2.0 and Bridge v2.0 we have seen a ton of changes one of those changes was that the BlackBerry Bridge browser icon went missing. Well that is not the case RIM has merged both the native browser icon and Bridge browser icon together.

BerryWeather’s New Icon-sets are becoming very popular!

BerryWeather Icon-sets have taken the BlackBerry Nation by storm! Big pun intended! Well if you haven’t heard by now the critically acclaimed BlackBerry Weather application has recently been updated. The update has brought a new feature that is sure to become a trend. This seemingly simple addition is the ability to change what the icons […]

Jawbone Battery Meter for BlackBerry Devices

Jawbone has just introduced a new feature to go with you bluetooth and you BlackBerry. The Jawbone Battery Meter is designed with you in mind. You can now see the remaining battery life of your ICON on your BlackBerry. Detailed Description: Now you can conveniently display an indicator for your Jawbone’s remaining battery charge on […]

The Disappearing BlackBerry Messenger Icon Debacle Continues

Since the release of BlackBerry Messenger 5.0, users have had an issue were their BlackBerrry Messenger icon disappears. Because of this, RIM has posted the following message at the top of the BBM download page in BlackBerry App World: 1. Before downloading, please back up your contact list by displaying the menu within BlackBerry Messenger […]

Official OS6 Icons from Blackberry Theme Lab!

The guys over at Blackberry Theme Lab have setup a zip file for all of you theme developers out there. User Agreements *sigh* I know we need to have some sort of agreement for this set too. Actually, I am so excited for everyone that will be downloading this – there are no agreements. But….. […]