The real red BlackBerry Passport image

Just the other day we let you know about the white and red variants of the BlackBerry Passport that Amazon posted up. Since that article we have seen a few red Passport renderings and until now they were just that. Thanks to Bla1ze we now have a chance to see what the actual device will […]

BlackBerry Windermere ‘Q30′ gets a Q10 like makeover

We have been seeing a ton of images showing off the BlackBerry Windermere’s front, back and sides and up until now the all have seemed to look very similar with the exception of the image we published showing off a Windermere with rounded corners. Now a newer image that has hit the interwebs. The original […]

New image shows the full glory of the BlackBerry Windermere, or does it???

I am sitting here minding my business and boom here comes a weird image across BBM. I open it and holy hell, it is a new image of what is said to be the BlackBerry Windermere. This image was published in a BBM group by a great guy who calls himself Mecca, if you know […]

Sprint Branded BlackBerry Q10 Spotted

I know several Sprint customers that will be extremely happy to know that a new image shows off the Spring branding on the BlackBerry Q10!! Just last month it was rumored that the BlackBerry Q10 was said to land in stores on August 30th. So couple that with the rumor that Sprint product testers are […]

BlackBerry R10 seen on camera again

Just yesterday the BlackBerry R10 was spotted on camera this time the BlackBerry R10 has been caught yet again it now shows the device without a removable battery. We have been hearing rumors of the lower end devices having only a sealed battery that you are not able to swap out. BlackBerry has been great […]

Image Shows BlackBerry 10 BBM Dark Theme

For quite sometime now it has been rumored that BlackBerry 10 would bring some sort of theme in to the device, well the above screen shot shows off the BBM Dark theme on the BlackBerry Dev Alpha C. Well the reson we do not have the Dark them for the BlackBerry Z10 is simple. The […]

T-Mobile’s BlackBerry Z10 Retail Packaging Caught on Camera

We all know T-Mobile will be releasing the BlackBerry Z10 this month, so it was nice to see the above image pop up on Instagram. Thanks to the folks over at BBE, we now know what T-Mobile’s retail package looks like for the BlackBerry Z10. Let us know what you think in the comments.

T-Mobile BlackBerry Curve 9315 Appears Online??

We just told you about how T-Mobile will be releasing the BlackBerry Curve 9320 on October 24th and now all of a sudden the BlackBerry Curve 9315 bearing T-Mobile Branding shows up online… Now that being said this of course sparks lots of rumors and one of the rumors swirling around the interwebs is that […]

PDF Creator Ultimate Free and Paid Versions for BlackBerry Updated to v2.3

PDF Creator Ultimate Free and Paid versions have been updated in the BlackBerry App World to version 2.3.Take pictures with your camera, edit the images, convert all of them into a PDF and send the PDF by email. It’s that simple with PDF Creator Ultimate! You don’t need to scan your documents using an office […]

Stump The Devs, RIM Puts Out A Challenge For UI Developers

Now this is an interesting challenge. RIM wants you to make a mock up that would be difficult to implement in their Cascades UI Framework. You have to make it as hard as possible for their development team. Submit it to Twitter and they will show the best three in September. And then they will […]

Airplay Images from your Blackberry Playbook to Apple TV, with ImageAirPlay!

Do you own an Apple TV and your beloved Blackberry Playbook well it seem like the two fruit just got a tad bit sweeter with ImageAirplay for the Blackberry Playbook! 

“BlackBerry Market Shrinking” Myth Busted! 70 Million Active Subscribers!

RIM has been in the news with reports of them being inched out by Android, But with great news of the Blackberry Playbook rocking RIM sales. So it should not come as to any surprise that RIM has crushed a myth that the “Blackberry Market is Shrinking” There are currently 70 million active subscribers, 20 million […]