Q10 Radio Bands List surface

There has been quite a bit of discussion surrounding  the upcoming Q10 BB10 device but one thing that has not been discussed very much is the different bands that might be available on the device.   There has been some new documentation that has surface that explains all of the bands available on the 4 different […]

BlackBerry PlayBook Extended Protection Plan Info App Now Available

RIM has released a new application for the BlackBerry PlayBook called BlackBerry PlayBook Extended Protection Plan Information App (say that 3 times fast). The new application keeps track of your 2 year extended warranty on your PlayBook. The extended warranty runs $99. Hit the break for more info.

Press Release: QuickBerry Podcast Announces QuickBerry 500 Giveaway – AT&T BlackBerry Bold 9900 Up for Grabs!

Franklin, WV, USA (Hammerdown Media) February 27, 2012 The QuickBerry Podcast is announcing the opening of its website, www.quickberrypodcast.com, and a giveaway for its loyal listeners. The QuickBerry Podcast 500 giveaway will gift one listener a new unlocked ATT BlackBerry Bold 9900, when QuickBerry reaches 500 unique listeners for two consecutive shows. To enter, listeners […]

CES 2012 Reveals More About Playbook OS 2.0 And Blackberry 10

Marty Mallick, a senior director of business development at RIM, spoke to PCMag at CES 2012 and he a lot to say about PB OS2.0 and BB 10. Namely, what is going to be featured, and what is new.

More On Jingu Avatar And Smileys

Earlier today we let you know about Jingu Avatars getting an update and expanding to another app to include Jingu Smileys. The team behind JinguApps, sent us some more info to get you better acquainted with their apps. Hit the break for more info!