Funny Infographic on Smartphone Disasters

Phones 4U has sent us a really interesting and very funny infographic on smartphone disasters. After the break you will find some humorous and scary way people have destroyed their smartphones. Now I have destroyed a couple of BlackBerry’s in my time (on accident of course). The first time I cracked the display on my […]

T-Mobile and Assurant Solutions Introduce Monthly 4G Handset Protection!

T-Mobile USA and Assurant Solutions Introduce Monthly4G Handset Protection to America’s Largest 4G Network New Survey Reveals 2 in 5 Americans Had Devices Lost, Stolen or Damaged; Affordable Solution Provides Peace of Mind Atlanta, GA and Bellevue, WA – June 27, 2012 – Today, T-Mobile USA, Inc. and specialty insurer Assurant Solutions announced the availability of a new […]

Infographic Shows Blackberry Dominates Canadian Mobile Market!

RIM catches a lot of flock in the news when it comes to market shares as well as the popularity in the mobile market. A new Inforgraphic gives us the real truth, of just how RIM shapes up in Canadian’s Mobile Market in 1st place BlackBerry, Apple and then Android. RIM has the most traffic with 45%, followed by Apple’s […]

Infographic Compares Blackberry App World, The App Store And Google Play Store

We always hear about how Blackberry App World is lacking in the app department. Blackberry App World currently has around 70,000 apps. However, even though there aren’t many apps, they get downloaded 6 million times a day! And to top it off, 13 % of Blackberry App developers do pretty well, bringing an average of […]

Be Bold Infographic Is Not An Advertising Campaign Y’all!

Ever since the BeBold Team Infographic was launched, there have been a whole lot of negative comments about it. Alot of people just assumed that RIM was using it as a way to advertise. Some people think it’s immature and childish. So because of the fall out, Team Blackberry decided to respond and tell the […]

RIM Creates ‘A Better, Bolder 2012′ Infographic

Hello, #TeamBlackBerry at the USA’s biggest New Year’s Eve party – Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest, sponsored by BlackBerry was great! RIM took well over 35,000 users, on Twitter with the hashtag #BeBold and now they have given us a nice infographic: