BlackBerry 10.2 and Instagram Keyboard issues Fixed

Okay, so I’ve noticed a lot issue with BlackBerry keyboard and Instagram , well I use Facebook Home and noticed it has the launcher with it, so I basically installed the Google keyboard and run it and boom works like a charm, even has the swipe feature working. So if you need Instagram keyboard you […]

Instagram 4.0.2 for BlackBerry 10 Available to Download (Android Port)

Yesterday we heard from Instagram’s CEO Kevin Systrom spoke to Fast Company about Instagram for Google Glass, that BlackBerry and Windows would get Instagram. He said they would “come before Google Glass.” But at the same time, he also said “not anytime soon.” This is okay news for us BlackBerry lovers. Until Instagram gets on […]

Instagram For BlackBerry.. Will Be Coming Sometime Before Google Glass Gets It

Instagram is a plan for BlackBerry 10. Just not soon. According to Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom, who spoke to Fast Company about Instagram for Google Glass, that BlackBerry and Windows would get Instagram. He said they would “come before Google Glass.” But at the same time, he also said “not anytime soon.” Confirmation from the […]

Video For Instagram, Coming To iOS And Android But Not BlackBerry 10…So Far

Facebook announced Video For Instagram today. BlackBerry 10 is still waiting just for Instagram and that was not part of the announcement. What Video does is 15 second clips complete with 13 different filters. Basically 15 seconds of a coloured instagram video. I think it is kind of a neat way to do gif files […]

Instagram Gets Video Features on June 20th.

Techcrunch is stating that Facebook plans to add Vine-esque vidoe cability in Instagram.  Looks like the video could be anywhere between 5-10 seconds.  For most BlackBerry users this news really doesn’t do anything for us but if you have a BB10 device you can sideload the android app on your berry and be able to […]

Instagram v3.4.4 .BAR for the BlackBerry z10 leaked

When Instagram first came out it took the world by storm.  It was a global success and has been going strong ever since.  With the addition on the z10, Q10, and now the new Q5, it shouldn’t be too much longer for the official release of the app.  Until that happens we are forced to […]

BlackBerry R10 gets pictured again – this time in red

We know that BlackBerry is planning on releasing up to six BlackBerry 10 devices this year, and we have already seen a leak photo of the supposed R10.  Well thanks to Instagram and people’s willingness to share anything and everything on there, we know have another photo of the R10 and this time it is […]

Google rumored to be in talks to acquire WhatsApp for $1 Billion

There is a new rumor circulating the interwebs today, and it is in regards to Google possibly looking to acquire popular messaging client WhatsApp for close to $1 billion.  According to sources of DigitalTrends Google has been in discussion with WhatsApp for the last few weeks, and that the hold up is WhatsApp looking to […]

PSA: Do NOT Log Out of the Instagram App for the BlackBerry Z10 If you Want to Continue to Use It.

Yesterday Ricky from BerryReview BBMed me to ask me if i was having problems with Instagram (Android port) I said to him not at all, why do you ask? He then sent me an image that showed “Error Your version of Instagram is out of date. Please upgrade your App in the (Google) Play Store […]

T-Mobile’s BlackBerry Z10 Retail Packaging Caught on Camera

We all know T-Mobile will be releasing the BlackBerry Z10 this month, so it was nice to see the above image pop up on Instagram. Thanks to the folks over at BBE, we now know what T-Mobile’s retail package looks like for the BlackBerry Z10. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Instagram up and running on the BlackBerry Z10

This is an older-android version of Instagram that has recently leaked out for BB10 fans. While this is a none official version it brings local uploads to the device a feature that’s been sorely lacking.

***Updated with new download links*** Instagram working on the BlackBerry Z10

Our friends over at BerryThai have confirmed that they now have a working copy if Instagram for BlackBerry z10. This is just an Android port but we have not been able to confirm for ourselves if this does in fact work or not. Hit the break for the download of Instagram for BlackBerry. Let us […]

Quick Look at Flipboard on the BlackBerry Z10

Flipboard creates a personalized magazine out of everything being shared with you. Flip through your Facebook newsfeed, tweets from your Twitter timeline, photos from Instagram friends, sounds from SoundCloud and much more.

MOLOME v3 Headed to BlackBerry 10

MOLOME has posted on Twitter that they will be bringing their application to BlackBerry 10 as well as Symbian /MeeGo. This is great news for you MOLOME lovers out there. MOLOME is a easy & fun way to share your journey of life. Grab your phone, shoot a photo, choose from our 14 amazing filter […]

Instago for BlackBerry 10 Could Be Our Instagram Answer

Mobile Link With the news coming out that Instagram rumored to be only coming as an Android port to BlackBerry 10, @DirkSonguer seems to have a fix for us BlackBerry 10 owners! @DirkSonguer is “Currently working on a native API client!” The application dubbed “Instago for BlackBerry 10” is set to be released mid-March. Mid-March […]

Instagram rumored to be only coming as an Android port to BlackBerry 10

There are a few apps that you need to have to be considered a real player in consumer side of the mobile market.  One of those apps is Instagram, and we had been told that it would be coming to BlackBerry 10, however it now seems that it will only be coming as an Android […]

Spotify rumored to be coming to BlackBerry 10

If you are a fan of streaming music then I am sure you are familiar with Spotify.  It is one of the apps that we were hoping was going to come to BlackBerry 10, and today there are some new rumors about just that.  According to Niko over at N4BB, he has seen a pre-release […]

Instagram running nicely in the BlackBerry 10 Browser

Lol. Seems like Instagram went mobile, and the amazing BlackBerry 10 Browser makes it quasi-app like experience, this is what their actual site looks like on your laptop pretty much. It’s bare bones but maybe it’ll go full HTML5 web app in the future, hmm. Never the less, the wait for Instagram on BB10 is […]

Use The Z10 Browser To Get Your Instagram Fix

If you have recently come back into the fold of BlackBerry from iOS and Android and missing Instagram?  While we still don’t have an official Instagram app on our BlackBerry Z10’s, there is a way in which you can still check out all your friends filtered photos from the browser.