BlackBerry Makes New Investment in Security Innovation Center in the Washington, D.C. Area

Las Vegas – BlackBerry, in attendance at CES Government (CESG), communicated its intention to invest in a new security innovation center in the Washington, D.C. area. Building on BlackBerry’s technical experience and leadership in mobile security, the new Center will serve as a hub for collaboration with key government customers and other expert partners. CESG […]


See The Listed Of Companies Who Have Invested In BlackBerry And What Does The New CEO Make?

Its come to light in recent days that there have been more than one financial investor in BlackBerry. After the deal with Fairfax fell through the plans changed and BlackBerry is no longer going private. Fairfax is still involved, dumping quite a bit of money in, but a few other companies joined in and added […]

RIM Investing $100 Million In Developers, Will It Help?

It makes sense to invest more money into the new Blackberry 10 platform. RIM is going to invest $100 Million to developers. Obviously as a business they are always investing in developing. But this time around they are sinking a whole lot more money. The plan is to pay developers $10,000 an app, on the […]

Microsoft Rumored to Invest $3.5 Billion in RIM

The Microsoft/RIM rumor-mill  is hard at work today. Microsoft is rumored to make a $3.5 billion investment in RIM according to sources. As we know Microsoft and RIM have a long history of rumors from investments to total take overs.

StockPulse – Stocks Tracker for BlackBerry PlayBook

If you are a business advocate and like to keep up with the latest stocks, even though they have more down than up lately. StockPulse, is offering a new application for the Blackberry Playbook and you can grab if from Blackberry App World and its coming in at a $5.99 price tag that hopefully rush us all into a bear […]

Primecap Doubles Invest in RIM Stock, Giving More Confidence for Future

Primecap Management Co., an investment firm has recently up its investment in Research In Motion, actually double its investments. Primecap owns 26.4 million shares of RIM stock valued at about $577 million. It seems that Primecap is very confident in RIM as well as Blackberry future in the market with the release of new BlackBerry […]

Blackberry Partners Fund Merges To Focus Attention On Worldwide Investments

In a press release today RIM has announced the merger of the co-managers of the Blackberry Partners Fund. Basically this means that divisions such as JLA Ventures, RBC Venture Partners and BlackBerry Partners Fund will all be managed under a merged entity. This will allow for a globally competitive investment manager focused exclusively on mobile […]

BlackPad to run its own OS? Built by QNX?

We all wondered what RIM had up there sleeves when they acquired  infotainment specialist QNX Software Systems back in April of this year.  Well, it looks like today Bloomberg sheds some light on the mystery.   Three separate sources cited in a report that RIM intends to run software designed by QNX on its upcoming BlackPad […]