Press Release: iSpeech Used Over 1.6 Billion Times, New Updates To Blackberry SDK

iSpeech known for Drive Safely, iSpeech Translator, iSpeech Obama and more, made some updates to their Blackberry SDK. Mainly that it is going to be Siri-like with personal assistant applications and speech recognition use. Also in the press release is the mention of the iSpeech platform being used over 1.6 Billion times with over 13,000 […]


iSpeech Translator Pro – Compliments of BlackBerry

iSpeech Translator Pro now free in the BlackBerry App World, Compliments of BlackBerry Thank you for choosing and supporting BlackBerry®. In appreciation, iSpeech Translator Pro is free of charge for a limited time, compliments of BlackBerry.

iSpeech Now Has iDictation App, Free To Download

The popular iSpeech app has spun off into another app called iDictation. It converts your voice message into text.

iSpeech Set To Launch SDK Which Will Allow Apps To Be Capable Of Text To Speech And Speech Recognition

I think iSpeech is a neat little app and helps contribute to safe driving while using your cell phone. The developers of iSpeech have created a free multi platform SDK that will allow developers to incorporate the features of into their applications, which will be launching soon. Read below for the full press release. […]