More images appear showing off the BlackBerry Z3 “Jakarta”

Last night we published some great images and information on the unreleased BlackBerry Z3 aka Jakarta. Today there have been some more images published showing off the side views of the first ever Foxconn built BlackBerry 10 device! Check out the top, bottom, right and left sides of the device and let us know your […]

Possible BlackBerry Z3 images and specs show up on the interwebs

Well this weekend has been full of fun with OS autoloaders for all BlackBerry 10 devices hitting the interwebs and now possible BlackBerry Z3 images and specs hve now shown up on the interwebs! The good folks at BBin have published what they have heard as the current specs of the BlackBerry Z3 aka the Jakarta. Keep in mind […]

BlackBerry Jakarta model STJ100-1 gets Bluetooth Certification

BlackBerry’s first Foxconn built device the BlackBerry Jakarta has been approved by the Bluetooth SIG.  The Jakarta has been “designed to run BlackBerry OS 10.2.” The device is showing up being made by FIH C0., Ltd. FIH is none other then Foxconn International Holdings. The Jakarta is also showing up as model STJ100-1, this is comparable to the […]

First Foxconn built BlackBerry “Jakarta” may be on hand at Mobile World Congress

It appears the the BlackBerry “Jakarta”, the fist device built by Foxconn could show up at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain on February 24-27th. Terry Gou, chairman of Taiwan’s Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., stated that “BlackBerry Ltd.’s new devices, assembled by Hon Hai’s mobile unit, will debut at the Feb. 24-27 Mobile World Congress […]

No physical keyboard for the BlackBerry Jakarta

Well if you were hoping the BlackBerry Jakarta would have a physical keyboard, you are out of luck. A couple of weeks ago BlackBerry CEO John Chen let the world know that they were working with Foxxcon to manufacture the low-cost BlackBerry Jakarta. Thoughts on this device were that it possibly would have a full QWERTY keyboard, […]

Two BlackBerry 10 Devices Cancelled, in Favor of One

BlackBerry recently inked a 5 year partnership with the hardware maker Foxconn, with this a codename device “Jakarta” has already been announced by new CEO, John Chen. Because of the exclusive deal with the smartphone maker, The Wall Street Journal has caught word that in fact two BlackBerry devices were slated for the start of […]

BlackBerry’s First Foxconn-built device is codenamed “Jakarta”

Well this day just keeps getting more interesting the first Foxconn BlackBerry 10 device will be codenamed “Jakarta” and said to be a low cost alternative offering just 3G, running BlackBerry 10. This device will land in Indonesia first and will likely launch in April. This according to BlackBerry CEO John Chen.

New App Yomoto gets you more from your check-ins!

Yomoto is a great new app from Yotomo Pte. Ltd. You can watch this fun video here for a glimpse into the app but it truly does much more. Essentially this is a platform for businesses/business owners to deliver promotions and deals to their customers, and in turn make repeat and more loyal customers. Yotomo PTE LTD is […]

LS Bingo is the First Winner of the BBM Apps Hackathon in Jakarta

The BBM Apps Hackathons are a great way for developers to get their apps fine tuned for the mainstream.  The first winner of the Jakarta Hackathon is LS Bingo, a great game that les you have hours of fun with your BBM contacts competing to see who is the best.  The game allows you to […]

Winner of BlackBerry Hackaton challenge in Jakarta – PicStory

Mobile Link   A growing number of apps have joined the BlackBerry App World, and PicStory is one of the most popular apps in Indonesia. A picture speaks a thousand words. PicStory creates a story in your photos and shares them on your BBM Profile Social Platform. Apply photo filters or effects just like Instagram! […]

SocialScope Hosts Jakarta Social Event

Now here is an application we have not heard about in awhile. SocialScope is hosting SocialScope Jakarta Social Event. Of course it is in Jakarta so you folks here in North America will not be able to attend (unless you have a DeLorean). The event that is being held today will showcase some changes and […]

RIM’s Indonesia CEO Will be Charged in Connection to the Stampede at the Bold 9790 Event

Andrew Cobham, CEO of RIM Indonesia, will be charged in connection to the stampede at the Bold 9790 event. Cobham has not been detained at this time. Investigator Budi Irawan said “The suspect has been banned from travelling overseas. He must go through the legal process here.”