RIM is truly embracing open source development for BlackBerry 10

RIM has definitely put more of a focus on developers, and general development for BlackBerry 10 than we have seen on previous OS updates.  Today on Twitter RIM’s Senior Director of Open Source, @pelegri, announced that they have surpassed 237 open source samples.

Devs: RIM is Looking to Hire Two JavaScript Developers in Ontario

If you are a developer in Mississauga, Ontario and are looking for a new job you may want to listen up! RIM is currently on the prowl for two positions, Team Lead, BlackBerry WebWorks  and Software Developer, Web Runtime Engine. Adam Stanley from RIM’s developer relations team made it a point to let everyone know that RIM has […]

Developers: RIM has Published BlackBerry 10 WebWorks Framework Code on GitHub

RIM has made significant progress with the WebWorks platform. WebWorks is pretty solid development platform on the BlackBerry PlayBook, and now RIM has published BlackBerry 10 WebWorks Framework Code on GitHub to developers by making things more useful and easier using the new BB10 framework.

Developers: RIM Opensources Java & WebWorks UI Frameworks

RIM has made significant progress with the WebWorks platform.  WebWorks is pretty solid development platform on the BlackBerry PlayBook, and now RIM has opened up the WebWorkds and Java UI framework to developers by making it opensource making things more useful and easier using the new BBUI.js framework

BlackBerry Java SDK v7.1 Now Out of Beta

We told you a while back that the BlackBerry Java SDK v7.1 had enter beta. Well the BlackBerry Java SDK v7.1 is officially out of beta! The BlackBerry® Java® SDK v7.1 builds upon the APIs and tools released with the BlackBerry Java SDK v7.0. The SDK allows developers to utilize several new key hardware features […]

BlackBerry Java SDK 7.1 Beta Now Available!

To coincide with RIM’s release of BlackBerry OS 7.1 Simulators Now Available, RIM also released the beta BlackBerry Java SDK 7.1! What is new in this SDK?

Devs: BlackBerry Java SDK & JDE v7.0 get Maintenance Release Update

RIM released an update to thier Java SDK and JDE v7.0 in the latest mainenance release

RIM Explains Platform Strategy Including Lack of BlackBerry Java on BBX Platform

RIM stated at DevCon last week that the upcoming BlackBerry platform named BBX will not support Java.  Alec Saunders, VP of Dev Relations and Ecosystem Development, released a statement detailing the reasoning behind to lack of Java support on the BBX platform.