PhoneGap Devs Sign up to attend Mobile Camp LA!

On Thursday, October 18th user groups around Los Angeles are organizing an event for all to come and learn a little more about this thing we call mobile development – Mobile Camp LA. Regardless of what floats your boat (game development, UI frameworks, cross-platform strategies, etc.) there are sessions for everyone. In addition to these […]


PlayBook WebWorks Swipedown Menu Javascript Micro-Framework

One of the biggest problem  that devs have been running into on the PlayBook is proper swipe down for the menu.

RIM’s “workaround” – “Disable the use of JavaScript in the BlackBerry Browser to prevent exploitation of the vulnerability.”

      Back on March 11th the BlackBerry WebKit browser was hacked at Pwn2Own 2011. RIM has now released a “workaround” for this vulnerability. “Users of BlackBerry Device Software version 6.0 and later can disable the use of JavaScript in the BlackBerry Browser to prevent exploitation of the vulnerability. The issue is not in […]

BBM Social Platform Beta SDK Confirmed for Q1 Release by RIM

[nggallery id=3] Last week at DevCon Asia, there were some announcements regarding the BBM platform. These were some good things that came from the Conference. RIM is really starting to embrace the new standards such as JavaScript, Adobe Flash and Air, HTML5 and OpenGL. There was one bit that stood out from the announcement: “Last […]

Google Maps Now Supports Blackberry 6 JavaScript

For any Blackberry 6 users that aren’t big fans of Blackberry Maps, or just prefer Google Maps today is a good day. Google has finally updated their API by releasing their JavaScript API v3. This API was needed for google maps to work with the new WebKit browser that comes with the new operating system. […]