The Joy of Tech Takes on President Obama, BlackBerry and

The Joy of Tech is back at it again with poking BlackBerry. The White House is set to appoint Kurt DelBene, a former executive at Microsoft, who will take over the embattled Obamacare website The Joy of Tech takes it to a funny level, check it out below and let us know your thoughts in the comments. […]

BlackBerry Z10 Gets FriendZoned!

When meeting someone new and you believe things are going well only to find out you have been friendzoned! Yes the infamous FZ, BlackBerry is back and is going to be making some new relationships soon but will it be enough to reunite the iSheeps and Android user back to BlackBerry? Hit the jump to check […]

Joy Of Tech Makes A Comic About The Samsung/Apple Feud

Apple and Samsung have been fighting for what seems like forever. Which is why this comic is so funny. Apple is always accusing other companies, mainly Samsung of stealing their patents, but then Samsung turns around and says Apple took theirs. Apple has some neat features in their phones, but they didn’t create everything that […]