A Look at the BlackBerry Q10 with Arabic Keyboard

Now here is something we in the US don’t get to see that often, the BlackBerry Q10 rocking the Arabic keyboard. On top of the Arabic keyboard you can clearly see that this BlackBerry Q10 is on the 4G LTE network! All in all this is one device you will want for sure if you are […]

A look at Play On, Time Shift and the BlackBerry Z10 Keyboard [Video]

Mobile Link In this video James takes through a look at the BlackBerry 10 keyboard, the Play On feature as well as the Time Shift camera. All three of these features are just the tip of the iceberg on BlackBerry 10. Check out the video and let us know what you think in the comments.

BlackBerry Files Patents on Hidden Keyboards – 007 Eat your heart out!

BlackBerry has filed for two new patents on hidden keyboards. Now these patents are not your normal everyday slider like the BlackBerry Torch 900/9810. These keyboards actually retract into the device like a turtle pulling his head in the shell. It is an interesting concept to say the least, but don’t look for it to […]

See A Blackberry 10 Keyboard Animation

RIM has actually added the animation to the Blackberry 10 homepage. Kind of neat to see the keyboard in action. Definitely different than the original keyboard that we are used to.

Video: Vivek Bhardwaj Gives Offers us the More Info on ‘Space Inference’ on the BlackBerry 10 Keyboard

  Mobile LinkBack in November we posted a video on Space Inference in BlackBerry 10 Keyboard with Vivek Bhardwaj, Research In Motion’s senior product manager for BlackBerry 10. Now Vivek is back with a new video showing off even more on space inference on the BlackBerry 10 keyboard! Space inference is when you forget to space words properly. […]

BlackBerry 10 N-Series Keyboard Leaks!

We knew it was only a matter of time before we saw some images of the BlackBerry 10 devices started to leak out. Tonight while taking part in a QuickBerry podcast an image of the BlackBerry 10 N-Series keyboard has leaked out! The image of the keyboard shows what we have previously seen in leaked […]

Cost Central Sells BlackBerry Playbook Mini Keyboard With Convertible Case For $37.90!

Thanks to @FortNeyland95 for sending us the info! What normally retails for $119.99 is being sold at Cost Central for just under $40. The Playbook itself is selling pretty low these days, so if you manage to get one during Black Friday or of course already have one, this would be a good buy.

Video: Space Inference in BlackBerry 10 Keyboard

Mobile Link In a new BlackBerry 10 beta video walk through, Research In Motion’s senior product manager for BlackBerry 10, Vivek Bhardwaj, showcases the tons of features baked inside the device! One of the many features shown in the video above is space inference in the BlackBerry 10 keyboard.

Get the BlackBerry PlayBook Mini Keyboard with Convertible Case for Only $71.12 + Shipping – US ONLY

The elusive BlackBerry PlayBook Mini Keyboard with Convertible Case has been one of those must have items to pair with your PlayBook. They have been in and out of stock for a few months, I was able to pick one up during BlackBerry World in Orlando and I must say it is the best accessory […]

New RIM Patent Shows a Concealed Keyboard on a Tablet

Way back on February 25, 2011 Research In Motion filed for a patent describing a concealed keyboard on a mobile device. The patent shows the above image which appears to be some sort of tablet, maybe a next generation PlayBook. The keyboard appears to be very similar to the current BlackBerry PlayBook keyboard which makes […]

BlackBerry 10 to feature Two Finger Gesture to Show/Hide Keyboard

The PlayBook brought quite a few very efficient gestures to the BlackBerry experience, and we were assuming that some of these would make their way to BlackBerry 10.  RIM has now shared out the show/hide keyboard will function, and it will feature a gesture.

RIM Files Patent on Emotion Input While Messaging

Here is an interesting patent Research In Motion has  recently filed for, the patent covers a new and possible revolutionary form of input to a device while messaging someone. Think about it like this you are extremely upset at your friend for cracking the screen on your PlayBook and not telling you about it. You […]

RIM Granted Patent for BlackBerry 10 Keyboard

  Mobile LinkResearch In Motion has been granted a new patent today that is based on the BlackBerry 10 predictive keyboard. As you can see in the video the BlackBerry 10 keyboard will predict the words as the user is typing on the device. You can read more about this patent by visiting USPTO or […]

Video: BlackBerry 10 Touchscreen Keyboard!

If this video does not make you want BlackBerry 10 right now something is wrong with you… Just kidding! All joking aside I need this devices in my hands ASAP! While i was attending BlackBerry World we were able to see the new Blackberry keyboard in action and let me say this any video does […]

Demo Video Of The Blackberry 10 Keyboard

Shown at Blackberry World, you get to see the upcoming Blackberry 10 keyboard in action.It is for the all touch device, and RIM is planning for a device with a keyboard in the new year. In the meantime, this touch keyboard looks promising and easy to use with gestures, but isn’t the official one they […]

Compose Email: Bringing Portrait Keyboard Options for Writing Emails on PlayBook

With touchscreen gadgets all the rage these days, I’m most definitely lagging behind whenever it comes to typing up an email on my BlackBerry PlayBook. I never seem to hit the right key, or I hit multiple keys, or I mess with the settings and give up in frustration. Lucky for people like myself, Compose […]

How Can You Be More Productive On The Go? – BlackBerry Mini Keyboard

RIM has sent us some useful information on how you can be more productive on the go using the BlackBerry Mini Keyboard. Hit the break to see how the BlackBerry Mini Keyboard boosts productivity!

Tips & Tricks for the BlackBerry Mini Keyboard

RIM was kind enough to send us some great tips and tricks for the BlackBerry Mini Keyboard! The BlackBerry Mini Keyboard is available in the Shop BlackBerry Store for only $119 (currently unavailable for sale). Hit the break to check them out!

BlackBerry Mini Keyboard Walk Through

RIM has recently posted this great walk through video showcasing the BlackBerry Mini keyboard. This video walks through the various features and physical attributes of the BlackBerry Mini keyboard, including the convertible case for BlackBerry PlayBook tablets. Hit the break for the video!

Video: RIM Introduces BlackBerry Mini Keyboard

RIM has officially announced the BlackBerry Mini Keyboard! The BlackBerry Mini Keyboard, the newest ultra-portable companion for the BlackBerry PlayBook. The new BlackBerry Mini Keyboard connects to the PlayBook tablet via Bluetooth and works with core PlayBook 2.0 and third party applications to provide an even more powerful mobile computing experience.