BlackBerry Files Patents on Hidden Keyboards – 007 Eat your heart out!

BlackBerry has filed for two new patents on hidden keyboards. Now these patents are not your normal everyday slider like the BlackBerry Torch 900/9810. These keyboards actually retract into the device like a turtle pulling his head in the shell. It is an interesting concept to say the least, but don’t look for it to […]

New Tactus Technology May Give Us TouchScreen and Physical Buttons, the Best of Worlds!!

 Tactus Technology Introduction from Tactus Technology Inc. on Vimeo.I have to admit one of the things I miss most about moving over to the Blackberry Torch, from the Storm2 is the tactical feedback of the touchscreen. It was a great feature and one of the best when it comes to Touch Screens and Tactical feedback. Fast […]

New Patent: Trapezoidal Keyboards for BlackBerry

RIM is all over the the place when it comes to patents for keyboards and more. RIM was awarded a patent back in 2009 for a trapezoidal keyboard designed. The trapezoidal keyboard is said to aid what we like to call fat finger syndrome. The wider keys make for an easy to use keyboard.