BlackBerry Files Patents on Hidden Keyboards – 007 Eat your heart out!

BlackBerry has filed for two new patents on hidden keyboards. Now these patents are not your normal everyday slider like the BlackBerry Torch 900/9810. These keyboards actually retract into the device like a turtle pulling his head in the shell. It is an interesting concept to say the least, but don’t look for it to […]


New Tactus Technology May Give Us TouchScreen and Physical Buttons, the Best of Worlds!!

 Tactus Technology Introduction from Tactus Technology Inc. on Vimeo.I have to admit one of the things I miss most about moving over to the Blackberry Torch, from the Storm2 is the tactical feedback of the touchscreen. It was a great feature and one of the best when it comes to Touch Screens and Tactical feedback. Fast […]

New Patent: Trapezoidal Keyboards for BlackBerry

RIM is all over the the place when it comes to patents for keyboards and more. RIM was awarded a patent back in 2009 for a trapezoidal keyboard designed. The trapezoidal keyboard is said to aid what we like to call fat finger syndrome. The wider keys make for an easy to use keyboard.

RIM working on customizable keyboards according to patents

According to some patent filings that the gang over at N4BB got their hands on, RIM appears to be working on some customizable keyboards for their devices.  The patents seem to be specifically orientated to the physical keyboards, but the best guess is that RIM would also bring this concept to the virtual keyboard as well.  The […]