Free Halloween Kids Game For The Playbook, Spooky Search

A sweet little kids game to keep them occupied. And possibly learning how to spell properly. Find halloween words in the puzzle, complete with sounds, music and animations.


Make A Scene App, Great App For The Kids

Make A Scene comes in a variety of different settings. 7 versions are offered, ranging from a farmyard to outer space. Your child can create their own scene with animals and objects in.

RIM Expected To Have Parental Controls On Their Devices Soon

In the near future you can expect your Blackberry device to have parental controls on it. This would happen via an update in the software. The parental controls would make it so a child could not download mature content to their Blackberry, restrict access to certain sites and control what they are allowed to look […]

BlackBerry PlayBook Apps begin to flow into the Blackberry App world

BlackBerry PlayBook App have begun to flow into the Blackberry App world. PlayBook Daily posts a list of what is available as of now in App World. Golf Quiz BluePad Text Editor Bored Room Bingo TicTacToe Kids Blokker Game Mathemind Game iGoalie There is a ton more apps available right now for the Blackberry PlayBook. […]