TIFF Images may cause Vulnerabilities in BlackBerry Enterprise Server

Vulnerabilities exist in components of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server that process TIFF images for rendering on the BlackBerry smartphone. The systems that allow BlackBerry images to display may become vulnerable to a remote access attack to the BES Server. Currently no attacks targeting the BlackBerry Enterprise Server but, BlackBerry has identified the problem and is encouraging […]


How To: Recent Contact Management Retention on Blackberry OS 7.1

RIM has just posted a new knowledge base article KB32484 on how you can use the new Recent Contact Management Retention feature to help you when writing messages on your Blackberry Smartphone. Hit the break for more info.

Mobile Fusion Universal To Be Released Soon for Android And IOS

RIM has confirmed in a backwards way that Mobile Fusion Universal device service will be available soon. They have knowledge articles available on their site that include how to deal with the universal device service error which is how it was concluded that it was coming. hit the break for links to the articles

RIM Knowledge Base Article Explains the Low and Dead Battery State on the BlackBerry PlayBook!

Some people are reporting having issues charging  their PlayBooks back up, after letting the battery drain completely.  One user was able to do a hard reset on the device and let it charge.  Another user purchased a BlackBerry PlayBook rapid charger and that fixed the problem. Looks like RIM has published a knowledge base article […]

BlackBerry PlayBook Knowledge Base Expands

With the BlackBerry PlayBook launch tomorrow RIM has posted lot’s of knowledge base article’s for it. So if you have some questions about your BlackBerry PlayBook you may want to check out the articles below. How to synchronize media from a computer to a BlackBerry PlayBook How to customize the appearance of the BlackBerry PlayBook […]