BlackBerry lays off 90 employees and closes Ottawa Product Development Center

As time passes BlackBerry continues to shed the excess “fat” from the company. According to a new report from the Ottawa Citizen BlackBerry has decided to lay off 90 more employees from the Ottawa Product Development Center. This office was the“epicentre” of the BlackBerry 10 development. “BlackBerry is working hard to return to profitability and […]

BlackBerry lays off “small number” of the U.S. sales force

Yesterday I was speaking with a source that informed me that BlackBerry had laid off a ton of their U.S. sales force. At that time we assumed that it was a rumor, however this was not the case. In an article from Cantech Letter, The source, based in Waterloo, says consumer sales is basically “gone” […]

RIM Still Hiring, Despite Jobs Cut within the Company!

With the not so exciting news following RIM fiscal Q1 earnings, not to mention the rumor that RIM would be cutting back and trimming the company down. With all of the changes happening at RIM from BlackBerry 10 to major restructuring, RIM is set to eliminate at least 2,000 jobs worldwide. With this unappealing news it is strange however […]

Layoff Confirmed by RIM

Last month we let you know that RIM was planing some layoffs, well the layoffs have started… Reports are swriling around that RIM has laid off “hundreds” of employees in the past 24hrs. Earlier reports speculated that around the world the company will lay off at least 2,000 people, or about 12 per cent of […]

RIM Plans to Layoff 12% of its Employee Base

With all of the changes happening at RIM from BlackBerry 10 to major restructuring, RIM is set to eliminate at least 2,000 jobs worldwide. This is a massive layoff for RIM as they try to get BlackBerry 10 on track and released to the general public. The first round of layoffs are planned for about […]