Leaked Slides: Shows off New Blackberry 10 Media Player and Homescreen UI

With more of these leaked slides, we get a quick look of what the Blackberry 10 home screen as well as the new Blackberry 10 media player will look like. The slides show how the running applications will be seen on the home screen for quick and seemless multitasking.


Leaked Slides: Show Blackberry 10 New Clock App!

Slides continue rolling in showing off more new features to come about in BlackBerry 10. This new slides off just how awesome the new Clock application will look on upcoming Blackberry 10 devices.

Leaked Slides Show BlackBerry 10 Lock-Screen

As an Android user we are accustom to lock screens that will let you do multiple things from taking a photo to launching an application. Well it looks like the BlackBerry 10 lock screen may be able to accompany some of those features!

More Leaked Slides Point Towards August 31st Launch For The BlackBerry 9900 On T-Mobile

If any of the previous leaked documents didn’t have you fully convinced that we would be seeing the new BlackBerry 9900 dakota on T-Mobile before the end of August, this should just about do it for you.  As you can see from the leaked slide the Target Launch for the 9900 is August 17th for the Entreprise […]