Leaked: ALPHA OS for the BlackBerry Z10

CB forum member Kris has leaked a very early Alpha OS build for the BlackBerry Z10. According to Kris everything works with the exception of BlackBerry World, you can fix this by using the BAR file from OS 10.1. This OS is said to work on the BalckBerry Z10 Models STL100-2,-3, and -4, sorry no […]


Leaked/Extracted: BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) v10.2.0.12 Bar File from OS 10.2 – UPDATED

UPDATE: We have just loaded the BBM .BAR file on our Q10 and Z10 all seems to be great! All contacts and BBM Channels are there and intact. lbfe has just published a download link for an updated BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) v10.2.0.12 .Bar file. This .Bar file was extracted from BlackBerry OS! This version […]

Leak: Download The Native Camera 10.2 Bar File

Yesterday we told you about the bar files for the Camera, Weather, Browser, FaceBook apps from OS Today, we’ve got the Native Camera app for 10.2. What is the difference between 10.1 and 10.2? They’ve added the low light setting. Grab the bar file from here. Please note that we do not accept any […]

Leaked File: Multiple Alarms on BlackBerry 10.2 – Now Available to Load on your Q10 or Z10!

We all sit waiting for the multiple alarms feature to be released for BlackBerry 10, up until now we were only able to set up one alarm on the Q10 and Z10. A huge thanks goes out to Kris, lbfe, and DarcyTallGuy over in the CB forums, they have sucsessfully extracted the multiple alarms feature […]

More leaked images of potential BlackBerry Z5

There have been a few renders floating around the last few days, and there is another one today.  The debate has been whether or not these are merely photo-shopped images, or if they are actually renders of an upcoming BlackBerry 10 device.  There has been speculation that BlackBerry will be releasing a full touch device […]

Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Q10

We now have a newly leaked OS for the BlackBerry Q10! At this time we are not sure what has changed in OS, so if you notice anything different feel free to let us know in the comments! Download OS for the BlackBerry Q10 Installation Instructions if needed: Turn off your BlackBerry Z10/Q10. Run the […]

Images show BlackBerry 10 running on the PlayBook

A good friend of mine Kyle (@BBKyle_) sent me the below images of something he has been working on. This something is BlackBerry 10 running on the BlackBerry PlayBook!!! Now we have seen numerous images of the PlayBook running BlackBerry 10 as well as a video showing off the BlackBerry 10 boot screen, but that […]

Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Z10 Model STL100-2/3/4

Just yesterday we saw OS for the BlackBerry Z10 Model STL100-1 leak out. Well late yesterday that very same OS was leaked for the BlackBerry Z10 Models STL100-2/3/4. According to the leaked forum post: “This is NOT a leak; was officially released on some Romanian carrier for STL100-2 (STL100-2 OSes seem to work […]

Leaked: OS for BlackBerry Z10 Model STL100-1

Finally the BlackBerry Z10 Model STL100-1 is getting some more leaked OS love! This leaked OS comes in the form of a full auto-loader file, which makes it super easy to install. If you notice anything different feel free to let us know in the comments! Download the leaked OS Installation Instructions if […]

Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Z10

Well this is interesting! This morning we saw OS leak for the BlackBerry Z10 ans now we have OS for the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10!! This OS os for the BlackBerry Z10 models STL100-2, 3 and 4. Check it out and let us know in the comments what you think. Download the leaked […]

Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Q10

Well look at what we have here a leaked OS for the BlackBerry Q10! This leaked OS is for the BlackBerry Q10 Model SQN100-3. Bla1ze over at CB noted that he loaded this OS on his model SQN100-1 and it loaded fine. Check it out and let us know in the comments what you think. […]

Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Z10 – STL100-4 Only Will Work on STL100-2 and -3

It is leak Friday once again, this time it is OS for the BlackBerry Z10 Model STL100-4. Here is the catch though accordeing to CB: “This one is tricky as it’s technically for the STL100-4 but has been tested and works on the STL100-2 and STL100-3 as well.” Well id you are on model STL100-2 […]

BlackBerry 10.2 OS update will bring some missed features back to BlackBerry

As we still wait for BlackBerry OS 10.1 to launch here in the US, we can’t help but think about what OS 10.2 will bring. Michael Clewley, product manager at BlackBerry set up a BlackBerry Messenger Channel and post in the very channel some of the missing features we will se in OS 10.2. These […]

Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Z10

For those of you with a BlackBerry Z10, either STL100-2 or STL100-3, there is a new leak for you to try out.  We saw a leak of only last week, so it good to see that BlackBerry is working hard on new builds.  This specific build is signed as of May 16th, so you can […]

BlackBerry Z10 “Keep Moving” Commercial Ringtone!

Mobile Link The interwebs have been going crazy over the “Keep Moving” commercial from BlackBerry and the ringtone featured in the commercial. I have had the ringtone for quite sometime now and thought a few of you might want it as well. Many have asked for the name of the soundtrack from the commercial and it by the Tame Impala and the album, Lonerism […]

Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Z10 – STL100-2 and STL100-3

You can always tel when Friday rolls around! Over the last few weeks OS’s for the BlackBerry Z10 have been leaking out and today is no different. We now hav OS for the BlackBerry Z10 model STL100-2 and STL100-3. At this time there is now word on what has changed so if you see […]

Leaked: BlackBerry Z10 OS – .1765 for Models STL100-1, STL100-2/3 and STL100-4

It is pouring cats and dogs here in Houston so what better way to get over the gloom? A leaked OS for the BlackBerry Z10!!! Just yesterday we saw OS leak with NO radio file, today OS for the STL100-1, for the STL100-2 / STL100-3 and for the STL100-4 have leaked. […]

Leaked: BlackBerry CORE (NO Radio files) OS for BlackBerry Z10 SLT100-2, SLT100-3, and SLT100-4

Now this is a first for the Blackberry Z10! A leaked core OS has hit the interwebs thanks to theiexplorers. This leaked core OS DOES NOT INCLUDE the radio files. So according to BBE you will need to have OS 10.1 preferably OS installed before you run the autoloader. This core OS leak is […]

BlackBerry R10 appears to have a 2180mAh battery

We saw some more leaked images and specs for the BlackBerry R10 (expected to be the Curve model for BlackBerry 10) last week that showed the R10 as having a 1800mAh non-removable battery.  Well it seems that someone who has their hands on a R10 decided to open up the device to check things out. […]

BlackBerry R10 seen on camera again

Just yesterday the BlackBerry R10 was spotted on camera this time the BlackBerry R10 has been caught yet again it now shows the device without a removable battery. We have been hearing rumors of the lower end devices having only a sealed battery that you are not able to swap out. BlackBerry has been great […]