OS Leaked for BB10 Devices

A new leak has been released for BB10 devices, OS was leaked without a change log so we really don’t know what the changes are at this time.  There are some changed files between this leak and the last OS. If you are interested in downloading this OS you can do so by following […]

RIM Files Patent To Prevent “Inconspicuous Use Of Cameras”

The idea of IT espionage is noting new, and RIM has even been at the wrong end of a “Mr. Blurrycam” photo or two.  Well RIM has submitted a patent on tech that will prevent “inconspicuous use of cameras” on their devices.  The idea is that the user will be required to maintain focus on […]

Subtle Differences Between X10 (N-Series Leaks) Final Hardware or Dev Alpha C?

Great eyes over in CrackBerry Forums. Plazmic Flame has taken a closer look at the leaked photos we posted, and the leaks today from N4BB. Our sources have told us that the photo we leaked is indeed final hardware. While I cannot speak as to whether the N4BB leaks from today are indeed the Dev […]