Judge Overturns Verdict In Mformation Case Against RIM

Score one for RIM! Considering all the flack and cases brought against RIM, it’s nice that they are winning one for once. The Mformation case was overturned because a judge did not agree with the jury’s verdict. This would have been a huge financial loss to RIM. hit the break for the full press release!

Joy Of Tech Makes A Comic About The Samsung/Apple Feud

Apple and Samsung have been fighting for what seems like forever. Which is why this comic is so funny. Apple is always accusing other companies, mainly Samsung of stealing their patents, but then Samsung turns around and says Apple took theirs. Apple has some neat features in their phones, but they didn’t create everything that […]

Philadelphia man uses Phone Jammer to Disrupt All Cell Phone Services

A Philadelphia man riding the public bus, remotely nuked every cell phone service on the bus. Astonishing enough the Philadelphia man state that he simply did not want to listen to other people’s phone conversations, and that he turns on the illegal device when other people talk too loud and they get on his nerves.

RIM Gets Slapped with a Legal Suit Over BBM Trademark Infringement

Research In Motionjust keeps getting handed the short end of the stick… A US Federal Court bared RIM (BlackBerry) from using name BBX, now they have been handed another trademark infringement suit over the BBM name.