Developer Community ports BlackBerry 10 WebWorks Packager to Linux

If you give developers enough time they can pretty much do anything.  The latest achievement by some members of the developer community is that they have ported the BlackBerry 10 WebWokrs Packager over to Linux.  the port is of the latest SDK that is currently available for OSX and Windows, but with a few tweaks […]

Now Available for Linux: BlackBerry Native SDK 2.1Beta

Reseach In Motion has released the BlackBerry Native SDK 2.1 beta for Linux users! RIM has already released the BlackBerry Native SDK 2.1 for Windows and Mac users for they have officially released the beta for Linux!

Do You Run Linux and Own a BlackBerry? Well Make Sure You Check Out LinBerry DM!

Are you running Linux on your PC? Hate the fact there is little to no support for BlackBerry? Well you are in luck today as there is a new option for you to use, LinBerry! LinBerry Desktop Manager for Linux!

Telnet/SSH is a native SSH, Telnet, Rlogin Client Updated to v1.2.0.12!

Do you love you Blackberry Playbook, wish there was a way to have an SSH Client on your Playbook? Now you can with SSH Telnet, from Dmytro Mishchenko, and this is one of the best SSH Clients! The new Telnet SSH client for the BlackBerry PlayBook, is based on PuTTY and supports the SSH, Telnet, and Rlogin […]