BlackBerry Link gets updated for PC and Mac

BlackBerry has just released an update to BlackBerry Link! This update is now available for both PC and Mac. If yoou do not already have a BlackBerry 10 device chances are this won’t matter to you, but if you do have a BlackBerry 10 device you will most likely want to run the update. At […]

BlackBerry Link for Windows and Mac Updated

BlackBerry has begun rolling out yet another updated to BlackBerry Link software for BlackBerry 10. This update takes the Windows version to and the Mac version to As for what’s new, well the Mac version got a nice UI update other then that there is no telling at this time. If you notice […]

BlackBerry Link for Mac Updated to v1.1.1.35

BlackBerry has rolled out BlackBerry Link version for Mac. This update brings bug fixes and enhancements to the desktop software for BlackBerry 10. just a few days ago we let you know that BlackBerry had released an update to Link for Windows PC’s, that update was to version Download BlackBerry Link for Mac. […]

BlackBerry Link for Mac Updated to version

BlackBerry is currently rolling out an update for BlackBerry Link for Mac. This update takes the version level to and can be downloaded here. What’s new in this update? When you connected your BlackBerry 10 device to your computer without BlackBerry Link installed, a new Finder window with start.dmg might not have opened as […]

BlackBerry Link Gets An Update For Both Windows And Mac

BlackBerry has updated BlackBerry Link, this includes both versions for Windows and Mac. Windows is at v1.1.0.37, Mac at v1.1.0.32. The update is nothing big, just bug fixes. Still important though, since bugs can be a problem.

BlackBerry Link for Mac Gets Updated to v1.0.1.6

Mac users will be happy to know that BlackBerry is rolling out an update to their Blackberry Link software for BlackBerry 10 devices. This update takes the version to To get the update all you should have to do is open BlackBerry Link and you should see it pushed to your Mac. Hit the […]

BlackBerry Link Updates For Window And Mac

BlackBerry Link was updated for Windows and Mac OS users. The versions were updated to v1.0.0.94 on Mac and v1.0.0.76 on Windows respectively. This update fixes the problem that arose from transferring data from a previous BlackBerry smartphone to a new BlackBerry Z10. They have also added in the capability to reload your OS.

BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac Updated to v2.4.0.17

Research In Motion has released an updated to their BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac users. This updated takes you to version 2.4.017. At this time there is no word on that changes are in this version so if you see anything different feel free to let us know in the comments.

How To: Take Screenshots with your Mac OSX of your Blackberry Smartphone!

I take several screenshots with my Blackberry Smartphone daily! One of the features that I wish that could be done using my Mac. And with some simple instructions now it can be done. Hit the jump to find out how. To take a screenshot of the active display on a BlackBerry® smartphone, complete the following steps:

BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac v2.4.0.16 Released

With RIM updating their Windows Desktop Manager it is only fitting they release an update to their Mac version as well. Version is now available for download from RIM. This release brings “supports mobile network enabled tablets.” This means the 4G LTE PlayBook launch being rumored to land July 31st may hold water.

BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac Updated to v2.3.1

If you own a MAc and have had issues with loading music on your PlayBook you will be happey to know that RIM is pushing out an updated to BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac. BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac v2.3.1 is said to allow you to sync media, backup, restore, and update the BlackBerry PlayBook […]

Telnet/SSH is a native SSH, Telnet, Rlogin Client Updated to v1.2.0.12!

Do you love you Blackberry Playbook, wish there was a way to have an SSH Client on your Playbook? Now you can with SSH Telnet, from Dmytro Mishchenko, and this is one of the best SSH Clients! The new Telnet SSH client for the BlackBerry PlayBook, is based on PuTTY and supports the SSH, Telnet, and Rlogin […]

Cloudee, CloudApp Client Available for the BlackBerry PlayBook!!

Kisai Labs has introduced Cloudee. And it now available in the Blackberry Playbook App World! Cloudee is a CloudApp client for the BlackBerry® PlayBook™.  CloudApp is a popular Mac application where you can easily share screenshots, bookmarks, photos and more. We’re bringing this same functionality to the Blackberry PlayBook. Cloudee is a CloudApp client for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Cloudee allows you […]

Access your PC or Files Instantly on your Blackberry Playbook with LAN File Explorer

I love finding one more addition to use my Blackberry Playbook and one of things that I find difficult if I am on the go and I need a certain file or document on my laptop but all I have with me is my Powerful, Portable, Playbook how can I access such files? Well now […]

Now Available: BlackBerry Desktop Software v2.3 for Mac

RIM has released BlackBerry Desktop Software v2.3 for Mac! The updated will let you synchronize your media files, back up and restore your data, and update software on BlackBerry® PlayBookTM tablets running BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0.

Kisai Labs Introduces Cloudee!

Kisai Labs has introduced Cloudee. Now this application is not yet available, however it is in the works and when it is released there will be a lot of Mac users that own PlayBook’s very happy! Cloudee is a CloudApp client for the BlackBerry® PlayBook™.  CloudApp is a popular Mac application where you can easily […]

Ripple Emulator v0.9.1 Beta Available For Download

Ripple Emulator v0.9.1 beta for Windows and Mac is available as a standalone app. You can download it from here.

BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac has been Updated to v2.2.0.17

RIM has released an update for BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac today. The update to v2.2.0.17 does not currently have a change log available at this time, but we do belive it is for some bug fixes.