BlackBerry Makes BES 5.0.4 Maintenance Release Documents Available,

The BES Maintenance Release is not available yet, but the documentation is. This shows that BlackBerry is keeping up with Legacy Devices and any updates that are required for BES. The Maintenance notes show the latest or next version to be BES 5.0.4 MR6. Look out for the update to come soon. In the meantime […]


Bug in MR 10.1 is Causing Text Messages to Disappear

With the very recent roll out of BlackBerry OS 10.1 maintenance release comes a bug that makes text messages disappear. People have been reporting that they can see the SMS messages, but when opening the thread there is no history showing. Some are reporting that they have lost complete functionality of SMS all together… Are […]

BlackBerry OS 10.1 Maintenance Release Coming Soon

BlackBerry is scheduled to do a Maintenance Release, and this is to happen before the launch of BlackBerry 10.2. The scheduled time is to happen within the next few months, which goes with the timeline of the expected launch of 10.2. As with most MRs, this mostly just fixes issues. Read below for a list […]

Devs: BlackBerry Java SDK & JDE v7.0 get Maintenance Release Update

RIM released an update to thier Java SDK and JDE v7.0 in the latest mainenance release

BBM 6.0.1 & App World 3.0.1 Maintenance Releases Coming Tomorrow?

BerryReview posted some information about some maintenance releases that are scheduled for tomorrow.

Attention Developers! Maintenance Release for the BlackBerry Java Plug-in for Eclipse v1.3 now available!

App developers are going to have fun with this one. Change log: Eclipse 3.6 (Helios) support with a new BlackBerry Java Development Eclipse perspective New Application Wizards to get new BlackBerry® smartphone applications up and running quicker A dynamic “Getting Started Welcome Page” to provide relevant and updated information of key development resources Update Notification […]