Yankee Group Shows Want The Smartphone Market Share Is Really Like

Carl Howe, Vice President of Yankee Group’s Consumer Research group did a post over on the BlackBerry Dev Blog. He wrote about the “The Realities of Smartphone Market Share”. Since there are always lots of numbers that can be exaggerated with no data to back it up, he is unveiling the truth. What did he […]

BlackBerry US Market Share Still Ahead Of Windows

The last few days there have been a few rumors that Windows had finally surpassed BlackBerry in the US Market Share. Turns out, it isn’t true. Stats show BlackBerry has 4.4% and Windows has 3.1%. One percent doesn’t seem like a lot, and it isn’t in comparison to the big guys Iphone and Android. But […]

Is BlackBerry 10 doing well in Canada, the UK and South Africa?

We are quickly approaching the Q1 earnings from BlackBerry on June 28th, and we are expecting to see some good numbers for BlackBerry 10 sales.  There have been the usual critics that don’t believe that the Z10 and Q10 are doing that well, however there have been some good reports coming from Canada the UK […]

BlackBerry still on top with Vodacom in South Africa – but losing ground to Android and iOS

BlackBerry has touted their presence in emerging markets over the last few years.  While market share in North America and Europe has gone the way of Android and iOS, BlackBerry has continued to prosper in markets like Africa.  Recently Vodacom in South Africa released their numbers by mobile operating system, and there is no doubt […]

BlackBerry Doing Really Well In The Canadian Market

I am sure that there are a ton of people who called it, and others who doubted that it was possible. But BlackBerry is turning around their Canadian market share.

BlackBerry sales appear to remain strong despite some negative reports

We all know that analysts are not always reporting the exact facts.  It is part of their job to make predictions and analysis that will help to bolster their portfolio.  Recently there have been some negative reports regarding the sales of BlackBerry 10 devices from Pacific Crest and Cleveland research.  Despite these negative reports of […]

BlackBerry Gains Market Share, iOS Slips in April

BlackBerry 10 devices launched on earlier this year and many analyst were skeptical of its launch and adoption in terms of market share. Well according to results from NetApplications, a market watcher, BlackBerry gained usage share in April with it slide in the previous months prior. Although the global usage rates are small, considering only […]

Missed the Thorsten Heins interview with Piers Morgan? Here is your second chance

Mobile Link BlackBerry CEO sat down with Piers Morgan of CNN (Thorsten Heins on Piers Morgan Live) to discuss the where the company is standing in the current market.  If you missed watching the interview live, fret not, as there is now a recoded version posted for all of us to enjoy.  Be sure to […]

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop says he is “very interested in BlackBerry customers”

There is a battle between mobile platforms for ownership of the enterprise market.  In past years BlackBerry was the king of he enterprise, however lack lustre innovation prior to BlackBerry 10 hurt the foothold that they had.  Manufacturers like Apple and Nokia are now targeting the enterprise market with their latest devices, and trying to […]

50% Of BlackBerry Z10 Pre-Orders Coming From Non-BlackBerry Users According To CIBC

According to a report from CIBC analysts 50% of the BlackBerry Z10 pre-orders are coming from non-BlackBerry users.  Now there is really no way for use to confirm these numbers, but we have seen  other stories to support this trend.  With Bell Mobility selling out of their white BlackBerry Z10 stock, it does seem that BlackBerry 10 […]

RIM Reports on Third Fiscal Quarter Earnings for 2013

RIM has released their earnings report for Q3 2013 today.  The earnings report doesn’t really include any surprises, as we all knew what to expect at this time. RIM has been concentrating on the launch of BlackBerry 10, and therefore we weren’t expecting to see any huge numbers from them on current in market devices. […]

RIM CEO Thorsten Heins believes BlackBerry 10 has ‘clear shot’ at being number three

There is no doubt that Android and iOS rule the mobile the world, and that the real fight is for who can hold onto that number three slot.  After holding the BlackBerry Jam Americas keynote and showing off all the new BlackBerry 10 features, RIM CEO Thorsten Heins made it clear that BlackBerry 1o wanted […]

Indonesia Loves Android Now And Not Blackberry

Indonesia has long loved the Blackberry, but Android is slowing taking over with a 52% market share. Android has been coming out with more affordable devices and a bigger variety so it’s not surprising that people are looking for other phones to buy. RIM only seems to put out a few handsets a year and […]

PlayBook gains 19% Marketshare in Canada according to survey

According to a recent survey done by consumer reasearch group SRG in Toronto, the BlackBerry PlayBook has now gained 19% of the tablet market in Canada.  I personally find these surveys to be a little tilted and not always indicative of what is really happening on a whole, but it does give us a summary […]

Info-graphic shows RIM’s marketshare and Global shipments since 2008

While there are have been rumors a plenty the last few days about RIM looking to split the company, and this can be mostly attributed to their lack of market share the past year or so.  We have known that RIM has not been doing as well as they were in their hay-day, but this info-graphic is […]

IDC predicts Windows Phone will surpass BlackBerry by 2016

While Android and iOS are fighting over the top spot in the mobile market share, the bronze medal is currently up for contention as well.  The IDC has released a new report today that shows where they believe the mobile market is trending through to 2016.  Their reason for giving Windows Phone an edge over […]

Blackberry Playbook Makes Impact on Tablet Market in India!

Research in Motion has in the past had issues with India and the Blackberry but they a have been “In Motion” to change things around by appointing Sunil Dutt as their New Managing Director for India and with the BlackBerry PlayBooks Selling out in 4 Days in India making it now owning the third largest […]

Blackberry Doing A Bit Better As Both iOS And Android Shares Decline

From Feb to March iOS 59.87% from 60.59%, with Android 18.66% from 19.02%. But Blackberry showed a bit of promise with a fraction of a point to 2.21% from 2.15% in February.

Press Release: RIM in Striking Distance Prior to Blackberry 10 release, Reports comScore

In the news RIM catches a lot of flock, and are downed on when it comes to their sales and the popularity of our beloved Berry in the US markets. Not to be overlook as RIM wins tenfold in international markets. In any event comScore has published the latest data showing that RIM is the 3rd in […]

The Playbook Has A 15% Tablet Market Share In Canada According To Solutions Research Group

Toronto-based Solutions Research Group just did a survey on tablet ownership in Canada. And not a huge surprise, the Ipad held the top spot with a 68% market share- though down from 86% before. The Playbook currently holds 15% market share in Canada, probably due to all the sales and the promise of OS2 coming […]