Citigroup Analyst Doesn’t Buy BlackBerry 10 Hype – Sticks With Sell Rating

Well it should come as no surprise that some analysts out there still aren’t giving RIM a chance with the release of BlackBerry 10.  The stock price has been climbing steadily in the weeks leading up to the launch of BlackBerry 10, but Citigroup analyst Jim Suva isn’t buying into the hype.

RIM Share price sees jump after Goldman Sachs gets behind BlackBerry 10

RIM has been receiving some good news from analysts lately.  We have seen numerous investors and analysts change their ratings on RIM from “neutral” or “sell” to “buy”, all in anticipation of the launch of BlackBerry 10 in 2013. The latest firm to change their rating for RIM is Goldman Sachs, who have changed their […]

Peter Misek Believes Blackberry 10 Has A 20-30% Probability Of Success

Yesterday we told you about RIM’s stock rising 12%. Trading has an tech analyst who has weighed in on BB10’s chance of success. Read on to see what he has to say.

RIM Remains Committed to the Consumer Market!!!

Ever since yesterday’s earnings call ton’s of media outlets have been bashing RIM and stating that RIM was moving away from the consumer market, I will not go in to any details (We are sure you have read some of the reports). RIM has issued the following statement on their Inside BlackBerry Blog: Coming out […]

Simplified Instructions for Getting the Android Market on the Rooted PlayBook

Shane (SCrid2000) over at OSBB has found a way to simplify the install process of Google’s Android Market on the rooted BlackBerry PlayBook. Hit the break for more!

Video: How to DingleBerry Your Playbook and get the Android Market Running!

MapleLeafsVideos has produced an great video on how to get your BlackBerry PlayBook rooted and have the Android Market up and running on the device! Hi the Break for the video and a little step by step!

Get the Android Market Running on your BlackBerry PlayBook!

With the release of DingleBerry Jailbreak for the BlackBerry PlayBook, finally comes a way to load the Android Market in your PlayBook! The folks over at IntoMobile have put together a walkthrough on how to get the Android Market up and running fast and easy! Hit the break for more!

BlackBerry Gains OS Market Share

Analytics firm Net Applications has posted their OS market share data for the month of November! It appears as though BlackBerry and Symbian have gained a bit of market share back! BlackBerry now holds 3% of the market!