LG’s New Marketing Scheme Is To Pick On BlackBerry

Apparently LG’s marketing team has run out of ideas. Instead of going after Samsung or Apple, they’ve chosen to pick on the little guy. Their latest campaign shown above as a screen capture from Facebook, suggests you should write a eulogy for BlackBerry on an LG G2 since ya know it has a big screen […]


Lots Of BlackBerry 10 Advertising Is Still Going On In Canada

Being in Canada I can attest to that. Just today I was waiting at the bus stop and saw a huge BlackBerry 10 ad displayed in the window of Bell. I’ve also seen ads in my local paper and on the commercial that plays before a video on YouTube. The Q10 is launching in a […]

Mainline Digital Communciations Running BlackBerry 10 Training for 3 Days

EE Distributor Mainline Communications is running a training series on the BlackBerry 10 in March for 3 days.   These training events are designed to give the dealers all of the information that they need regarding the Z10 and the BB10 OS.  This training will also give them time to outline the sales and marketing […]

Devs: Note Changes to BlackBerry World 4.3

Along with the changes of BlackBerry App World to BlackBerry World, the entire World catalog has been updated with a few new features that developers should note. With the recent upgrade to BlackBerry World 4.3, the BlackBerry World search algorithm has changed. Along with new logos as well as a few other changes

RIM Investing $1 Billion Dollars into the Launch of BlackBerry 10

Microsoft has been spending 1 Billion dollars on their advertising campaign but much of their campaign is just showing off Windows 8 as a ‘cool product’ it does not educate the users about Windows 8 nor explain how its any better than previous software. In an interview with CNBC, RIM CEO goes on record saying […]

PT RIM Indonesia Receives Indonesian Customer Satisfaction Award 2012

Considering how popular Blackberry is in Indonesia, this news while awesome, is not entirely surprising. RIM Marketing Director Eka Anwar was on hand to get the award, Indonesian Customer Satisfaction Award (ICSA) 2012 ceremony at the Gran Melia Hotel in Jakarta. What he had to say about receiving the award: “We are honoured to receive […]

The Playbook Makes An Appearance In A Behind The Scenes Video

The video is actually a behind the scenes of a McDonalds shoot. It basically shows the pretty food in the commercials is not the stuff you get to eat. Mmmm cheeseburger. Anyway, the Playbook makes an appearance in the video when McDonald’s Director of Marketing for McDonald’s Canada Hope Bagozz shows up and uses it […]

UVMF Plans to Release Hit Reality Show Exclusively on BlackBerry Video Store

The Move Will Help RIM Generate Revenue From Relevant Entertainment Content NEW YORK, Apr 11, 2012 (GlobeNewswire via COMTEX) — United Vision Marketing Firm announces today that it has plans to develop a hit reality TV show called The Making of a Mogul. The show is staring Dr. Nono C. Pearson also known as Big […]

RIM’s New Marketing Plan Includes College Humor

As we have seen in the last few months RIM has really stepped up their marketing campaign and the improvements continue with the addition of College Humor.

Is RIM getting ready to start pushing notifications through BBM?

The folks over at N4BB have gotten some news today that leads us all to believe that RIM may be starting to get ready to use BBM to push notifications to your phone.  Previously RIM has pushed “system messages” through BBm to their users, but this seems to be a little different.  With the expansion of […]

Verizon Wireless Chief Marketing Officer Confirms 3 BlackBerry Devices to Launch This Year!

Marni Walden, Chief Marketing Officer of Verizon Wireless, recently sat down with BGR for an interview and not much of the interview was based upon nor related to Blackberry but one question and statement sticks out and confirms the launch of 3 new Blackberry devices from Big Red this year!! BG: Where does that leave […]

RIM Sets up “BlackBerry Rocks Tour” to Market the PlayBook to Businesses

  RIM is hosting a “BlackBerry Rocks Tour” for the BlackBerry PlayBook! “BlackBerry Rocks Tour” is a way for RIM to market the PlayBook to select  business VIP’s. Cities hosting the BlackBerry Rocks Tour: April 7th New York City April 12th Boston April 19th Chicago April 21st Toronto April 26th Philadelphia May 2nd Washington DC May 17th […]

RIM’s Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Keith Pardy Leaving RIM!

The Wall Street Journal has reported that RIM’s Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Keith Pardy has decided to part ways with RIM in the next 6 months. The 6 month time frame gives Pardy time to transition out of the company. The reason for his leave “personal reasons”. This is crazy he would pick this time […]