m-Health Solutions (mHS) Uses BlackBerry Solution in Diagnostic System for Detecting Cardiac Arrhythmia

A Canadian company, m-Health Solutions, has developed a new way to utilize BlackBerry’s in the medical industry.  They have developed a new method for medical professionals that will efficiently diagnose the possibility of cardiac arrhythmia.  I am no medical expert, so I will not attempt to explain this in detail, rather hit the break to check […]

BlackBerry Launches the iAfya app for users in Kenya

RIM has teamed up with Avallain to make a nutritional app for BlackBerry users in Kenya. The app provides users with basic nutritional and first aid information, as well as the ability to contact a health worker. This app provides some great tools and resources for BlackBerry users in Kenya, and with the language tab […]

ZocDoc wants to help you Get Well Sooner

When you are in need of a doctor it is always easier if you can quickly access a resource that will allow you to see what doctors are close to where you are.  In todays mobile environment we are pretty much always using our phones, and more so we use them to search for everything […]