Snap, Personalize and Share your weather creatively with Insta Weather

MMMOOO released this a little while ago and I have had it in my bookmarks. Today I bought it and now I rue my impulse. Insta Weather is a Weather app that enables its user to share a quick snap of their choice (ideally wherever the user is at the time) and slap on an overlay […]


Unique Keep Calm Generator from MMMOOO for BlackBerry 10

If you are a fan of the “Keep Calm And….” posters than you are going to want to grab this app from MMMOOO.  The Unique Keep Calm Generator lets you add your own text and images to the posters in the app to personalize them to your needs.  The app has a variety of backgrounds […]

MMMOOO Holding A “Mega Sale”, Apps On Sale For Specific Regions

MMMOOO has picked their best apps and put them on sale. The sale lasts until May 22 and prices start at 99 cents. Unfortunately, this isn’t a worldwide sale, regions included are: Asia Pacific, Africa (except South Africa), and Middle Eastern Regions. Looks like this is for devices running 5.0 or higher. Apps on sale: […]

MMMOOO Offering Doodle Monster Band Theme Free

MMMOOO’s theme Doodle Monster Band is free for a week. It has a halloweenish feel to it, seeing as they are monsters. A nice freebie for older devices running 4.5 to 6.0.

Weather Plus for BlackBerry Updated to v3.3.2

MMMOOO just sent out a tweet letting the world know that they have updated Weather Plus – Push Weather to Homescreen to version 3.3.2. The tweet states “#WeatherPlus has been fixed and works well, please update the v3.3.2″

BlackBerry goes to MMMOOO’s HQ

 Here is a great article from the BlackBerry Dev Blog that showcases MMMOOO behind the Scenes at their headquarters. MMMOOO offers a wide range of applications from Revolver Pro – Russian Roulette n BBM™ Connected to Mouth Monster FreeSo be sure to hit the break for more.

Keep Calm And Carry On 10 in 1 Theme For Blackberry

MMMOO has put out a new theme for Blackberry based on the catchphrase Keep Calm and Carry On. The theme comes with 6 different variations of the slogan and in different colors. I especially like the one that says Keep Calm And Sparkle On.

Mouth Monster Theme By MMMOOO

MMMOOO by Mouth Monster is a very cool theme for your BlackBerry featuring Creative animated SVG, Doodle icons,Cute Monster!! Own a funny monster with animated big mouth at your BlackBerry! It is a very interesting theme, even to be used day after day, you will never bored! Please come and download it, have fun!!

Miner Diary – Be The Monopoly, For The Playbook

MMMOOO is giving away this Miner game for the Playbook. It combines puzzle with adventure and some new stages have just been added. Collect rocks and gemstones before time runs out!

FREE THEME: Love Spell for Valentines Day By MMMOOO

MMMOOO has released Love Spell for Valentines Day. This theme will be free for one week only, so get it while you can. Colorful hearts strongly impact your homescreen and eyes! Many hearts spell into a big heart, and heart behind or float on icons, that is the feature for unique!!

Viva Blackberry Theme From MMMOOO

Viva is a creative theme with a unique sliding tiles, including a weather slot asw well as transparent effects included in the theme. And you can grab this them from our Nerberry store! Creative Slide SVG, each SVG include a unique effects; Premium technology sense; Transparent and dedicate design in each details Lily-Style layout from MMMOOO Download Viva […]

Purple/Pink Theme For The Ladies

Seeing as how purple and pink are my favorite colors, I honed right in on this theme. Simple but girlish, MMMOOO has made another classic theme that will make any girly girl happy. It is available for devices up to OS6. OS7 themes are not yet available. Get it for 99cents at our Nerdberry Store. […]

Doodle Monsters Free Blackberry Theme From MMMOOO

Aaaahhhh…Monsters! Looking for theme that will bring out the kid in you? Doodle Monsters gives you a few monsters to run around your wallpaper with a few interesting icons, and best of all this monster is free, well the theme is. Although I dont know of anyone who ever paid for a monster they do […]

Review: Mega Knight by MMMOOO Win 1 of 20 Copies!

  Mega Knight by MMMOOO is a super, multi-functional app for your BlackBerry. Mega Knight is like having “Tigers Blood” for your BlackBerry (Sorry I had to say it). The app is absolutely amazing! Mega Knight is compatible with BlackBerry OS 5.0 and 6 devices. The application features brilliant UI “Elegant and bold” as MMMOOO […]