Sprint is Now Selling BlackBerry Mobile Fusion!

Sprint is now selling BlackBerry Mobile Fusion to the masses! “Businesses need a simple solution to manage and secure the growing variety of devices used in the workplace in order to protect corporate data, establish and enforce use policies, and administer the applications employees use to conduct business efficiently,” said John Dupree, senior vice president […]

RIM Updates BlackBerry Mobile Fusion, Launches in 37 Additional Countries

Update enhances functionality for iOS devices and BlackBerry PlayBook Research In Motion (RIM) (NASDAQ: RIMM; TSX: RIM) today released a free update of BlackBerry® Mobile Fusion, the company’s mobile device management (MDM) solution. With the release of Service Pack 1, RIM is also expanding availability of BlackBerry Mobile Fusion to an additional 37 countries for […]

Will BlackBerry 10 signal the death of BIS/BES requirements for new devices?

Shortly after BlackBerry World in May, we got some word from a source that BlackBerry 10 devices would no longer access the BlackBerry servers in the current manner.  We were unable to verify this rumor, but it did make sense with what we were seeing with the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device, as well we […]

Blackberry Webinar: Installing Universal Device Service and Mobile Fusion Studio 6.1!

RIM has been pushing the envelope to get more and more developers on board as well as extending their strong support to business with security and device collaboration, even if those devices don’t come in a Blackberry flavor, with Mobile Fusion. To give you more insight on how Mobile Fusion can help improve your business, RIM is continuing their […]

RIM Updates Mobile Fusion Client for iOS and Android

Just yesterday RIM released Mobile Fusion 6 Service Pack 1, this morning BerryReview noticed the the Mobile Fusion Client for iOS was also updated to v6.1.0.27. While seeing the iOS updated I decided to check the Google Play Store and sure enough the Mobile Fusion client for Android was recently updated on July 20th.

RIM Releases Mobile Fusion 6 Service Pack 1

RIM has finally released service pack 1 for their Mobile Fusion 6 suite! This service pack fixes a lot of issues with Mobile Fusion as you can see below there are some much needed fixes: Activation fixed issues When an Android device was activated with the Universal Device Service and started communicating with the server, […]

Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia – A look at Mobile Fusion

The announcement of BlackBerry Mobile Fusion meant that many enterprise customers would be able to offer their employees a little more choice when it came to picking a device.  This is especially important as the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) movement as really started to gain a foothold in the enterprise market.  Martha Stewart Living is a […]

New Webinar Series on BlackBerry Mobile Fusion Starting Today July 12th at 2 PM

RIM is rolling out new webinar series on BlackBerry Mobile Fusion staring today July 12th at 2 PM Installing Universal Device Service and ending with Installing BlackBerry Device Service and Mobile Fusion Studio on July 31st. Hit the break for more info!

Blackberry Mobile Fusion, Now with Universal Device Management, for iOS and Android!

Blackberry Mobile Fusion is an enterprise centered product that allows mobile device management from a single interface, administrators can use common management tasks for the BlackBerry Device Services, to maintain several devices within a business network.

Video: Discussing BlackBerry Mobile Fusion at the BlackBerry Innovation Forum Events

BlackBerry Mobile Fusion is the next generation enterprise mobility solution from Research In Motion. We caught up with attendees of the BlackBerry Innovation Forum events to gather thoughts on this new Mobile Device Management (MDM) platform – for more info, head over to http://bizblog.blackberry.com Hit the break for the video.

Press Release: Fixmo Announces Support For Blackberry Mobile Fusion

Fixmo, the company behind Fixmo Web Messenger for BBM just announced their support for Blackberry Mobile Fusion. Since Fixmo mainly focuses on data security and encryption, it makes sense that they would also support Mobile Fusion. hit the break for the full press release

RIM Launches Mobile Fusion Client for Both iOS and Android!

Earlier today RIM launched BlackBerry Mobile Fusion, just a few moments after they released the press release they launched client applications for both iOS and Android! Hit the break for more!

Mobile Fusion Universal To Be Released Soon for Android And IOS

RIM has confirmed in a backwards way that Mobile Fusion Universal device service will be available soon. They have knowledge articles available on their site that include how to deal with the universal device service error which is how it was concluded that it was coming. hit the break for links to the articles

RIM Answers Questions About BlackBerry Mobile Fusion: BlackBerry Enterprise Server and More

If you’re like me, when RIM launched Mobile Fusion, you were wondering more about it. Because, like usual, RIM launches something and doesn’t say much about it. You probably also wanted to know about ActiveSync and the status of Blackberry Enterprise Server. Well you’re in luck because BizBlog has collected a bunch of questions and […]