Telenav OTA Links for the BlackBerry Montana, Monaco and Sedona!

  Well our good buddies over at BBE have stumbled upon some interesting OTA links for the BlackBerry Montana, Monaco and Sedona. The OTA links are for Telenav’s GPS application.


Sprint’s Q3 Roadmap Leaked includes Monoco and Bold Touch

It seems that Sprint’s Q3 Roadmap has been leaked and there are some details of a few up and coming devices, and while they released details of some other devices, it is very interesting of just what new Blackberry devices they will have in store.  Here is what has been reported to be expected: BlackBerry […]

Leaked OS: BlackBerry Torch 9850 (Monaco) OS

Download OS

Leaked Simulator for the BlackBerry Torch Monaco 9850 Includes updated BBM & App World versions

Included in the leaked simulator for the BlackBerry Torch 9850 are some updated apps. Here is a list of very important app versions that have been updated: BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) with v6.0.0.88 BlackBerry App World v2.1.3.17 BlackBerry Maps v6.1.0.14 Thanks to Mike over at BBE for pointing this out to me!

Leaked Simulator: BlackBerry Torch 9850 (Monaco) with OS7

We now have the BlackBerry Torch 9850 simulator leaked! Back in May we saw BlackBerry Bold 9900 Simulator Leaked Online. We can’t wait to see what the developers can drum up with this one! Download 9850 simulator from: RapidShare MegaUpload DepositFiles HotFile zShare Uploading FileServe , Mirror #2 MultiUpload Source

BlackBerry Touch 9860 Monaco/Monza on video again!

Mobile Link Just yesterday we saw the BlackBerry Touch Monaco/Monza video. Today we have another video of the BlackBerry Touch 9860 Monaco/Monza!

BlackBerry Touch Monaco/Monza Caught on Video

As we are getting closer to BlackBerry World 2011, we are seeing more and more leaked info on future devices from RIM. Below is a leaked video of the “Blackberry Strom3 First hand on by xenon art.” Now we know the codename for the device is BlackBerry Touch Monaco/Monza not the Storm 3. Hit the […]

BlackBerry Touch Monaco on Video

Mobile Link Source

BlackBerry Touch (Monaco / Monza) in the wild!

BGR has gone and done it again with pictures of the BlackBerry Touch (Monaco / Monza)! We saw the BlackBerry Touch (Monaco / Monza) images leak earlier this year. Now we have rock hard evidance that it does exist! BGR states: Hit the break for more images and specs!!

BlackBerry 9850 leaked in UAProf document! Storm 3?

Just recently, the BlackBerry 9900 was discovered on RIMs servers. It was a guess as to whether or not the 9900 was going to be Dakota/Montana Bold Touch as it had been rumored to be.   Now we see the BlackBerry 9850, which might be the Storm 3, or Monaco/Monza.  The BlackBerry 9850 has some […]

Storm 3 To Ship With OS 6.1

There has been much news, and for a VERY long time, of the release of the successor to the Storm series of devices. As an owner of both the Storm 9530 and the 9550, I have been waiting to see how this debacle will unfold. With tiny pieces of the pie getting leaked day after […]

Video: BlackBerry Storm 3 “Monaco” in action!

Mobile Link Lately we have been hearing a lot about the BlackBerry Storm 3 “Monaco” now we get to see it in action or so we thought. The video was recently pulled by the user but it seems  CrackBerry is working on a new video. Here are the rumored specs of the BlackBerry Storm 3 […]

BlackBerry “Monaco” Storm 3 and “Montana” Bold Touch Coming To Sprint By The End of Q2 2011??

Could Sprint be bumping up the release of some upcoming BlackBerry Smartphones?   The leaked CDMA Roadmap, shown here, has the BlackBerry Bold Touch, also known as the Montana and the newer generation Storm 3, aka Monaco to release by the end of Q3.   IntoMobile’s Simon  has heard from a few sources that the devices could […]

BlackBerry Bold Touch “Montana” & the BlackBerry Storm 3 “Monaco” headed to Sprint?!?

Well the rumors are flying again surrounding the BlackBerry Bold Touch “Montana” & the BlackBerry Storm 3 “Monaco”. It appears they will be launching on Sprint at the end of the second quarter of this year. BlackBerry Bold Touch “Montana” is said to have 1.2 GHz processor with 768 MB of RAM, 8 GB internal […]

The Storm 3 “Monaco” on the way to production? What is the BlackBerry “Montana”? 8900 or 9000 series??

  N4BB has stated that the BlackBerry “Monaco” which maybe the Storm 3 has gone in to production!?! Their source has stated that the Storm 3 will NOT have SurePress that is defenaty a step in the right direction. We still do not have any time frame as to when and if the Storm 3 with […]

Blackberry Storm3 Codenamed Monaco; Bold Hybrid with Touchscreen Codenamed Montana.

As most of you know there has been a rumor for everyone and their dog concerning the Storm3.  The newest addition to the rumor mill is a Bold/Touchscreen Hybrid device, to be know as Magnum/Dakota. The only problem that we have run into with the Storm3 rumors is that we do not have a code […]