RIM roadmap confirms Bluetooth 4.0 coming to BlackBerry 10

There has been a ton of news coming from BlackBerry 10 Jam Americas today, and we now know that Bluetooth 4.0 is coming as well.  In RIM’s detailing of the BlackBerry 10 Native SDK, there is mention of new Bluetooth API’s and profiles.


RIM Rolling Out Scoreloop SDK to Developers in Beta Zone

Developers now can take advantage of the new Scoreloop SDK available for download through the Blackberry Beta Zone.  Currently there isn’t anything in the Blackberry Beta Zone portal but I am sure it will be up later today. In case you didn’t know Scoreloop provides everything you need to add social elements to any game. From developers […]

“Let’s Golf 2 HD” released for BlackBerry PlayBook from Gameloft

When it comes to high quality games for the PlayBook we have been limited to pretty much those from EA.  Well Gameloft has now released their first PlayBook game and it definitely uses the Native SDK and shows what we can expect in the future.  “Let’s Golf 2 HD”  has some great 3D modeling within the game, and show […]

RIM Rolling Out PlayBook Native SDK Beta 0.9.4 to Developers in Beta Zone

RIM has been very secretive when it comes to anything that has to do with the native SDK for the PlayBook.  Only certain Devs have been give access and it has been very selective when it comes to who gets access. 

BlackBerry PlayBook Native SDK beta being made available to certain developers

The one thing that we have been waiting for for PlayBook development is the native SDK from RIM.  It seems that certain developers have just now been given access to a beta version of the native SDK.  The chosen developers have received an email from RIM inviting them to download the SDK and start working […]

RIM Launchs Closed Beta – Native SDK for BlackBerry Tablet OS

RIM has let us know that the Native SDK for BlackBerry Tablet OS has entered “Closed Beta.” Here is what they had to say about the Native SDK Beta: We wanted to let you know that today RIM is launching the beta of the Native SDK for BlackBerry Tablet OS, which will allow game developers […]

Interview: RIM’s Mike Kirkup on BlackBerry PlayBook Development

  A couple days ago our friends at BerryReview had the chance to speak with Mike Kirkup, Director of Developer Relations, at RIM. They discussed the future of the BlackBerry platform. They discussed a lot of things, most of which were surrounding OS 7 and the PlayBook. Here is an except of what was talked […]

RIM Answers your questions about Java-based, Android apps and Native SDK on the PlayBook

RIM has finally posted some answers to questions we have had when it comes to Java-based, Android apps and native SDK on the PlayBook. RIM has mentioned the Android Player will support Android 2.3 at launch and “we intend to update the player based on market needs.” They have stated “application player for BlackBerry Java-based […]