PlayOn for BlackBerry 10 – Stream Hulu, Netflix*, Redbox*, Amazon VOD and much more!

MediaMall Technologies, Inc. has just released PlayOn for BlackBerry 10. With PlayOn you can stream Hulu, Netflix*, Redbox*, Amazon VOD*, NBC, ABC, FOX, CBS, Comedy Central,*, NHL*, CNN, CBS, ESPN, ESPN3,, SpikeTV, The Food Network, PBS, PBS Kids, MTV and Vevo and more from your PC to your Balckberry 10 device. This app […]

Netflix CEO still hasn’t used BlackBerry 10 – says not enough volume to warrant an app

BlackBerry did a total restart with BlackBerry 10, and many of us were hoping that it would help bring some of the bigger names to the ecosystem.  With the Z10 and Q10 now available we have seen numerous big name apps come to BlackBerry 10, and while some like Skype and Kindle have built BB10 […]

Working Netflix Bar File for the BlackBerry Z10

Netflix has been saying for awhile now that they do not plan on offering a BlackBerry 10 application, that does not stop us from finding a work around for the application itself. Thanks to Bla1ze over at CB we now have a Bar file for Netflix that can be sideloaded on to your device! This […]

Video Shows Netflix (Android Port) Running on the BlackBerry Z10

There has been a lot of talks on the touchy subject Netflix on BlackBerry 10. We heard about another report from AllThingsD that “Sources say Netflix isn’t developing a version of its app for BlackBerry 10 — native or port. And the company confirms those reports: It has chosen to forgo the platform entirely for […]

Flix brings Netflix to BlackBerry 10

One of the things that BlackBerry users have been missing since the release of the BlackBerry 10 and the BlackBerry PlayBook for that matter is an actual Netflix application. Still to date there is still no Netflix app but Flix now available for BlackBerry 10 should get you by until we get an official Netflix app. Crossing […]

BlackBerry ‘In Talks’ with Instagram and Netflix to make BlackBerry 10 apps

BlackBerry 10’s launch today was great, however their application ecosystem is missing a few things that many users were looking forward to, specifically Netflix and Instagram, AllThingsD has stated that the company is “in talks” with both Instagram and Netflix to make mobile applications specifically for the new BlackBerry 10 platform. BlackBerry spokesperson included that they “could […]

@BlackBerryScoop Purports More False Images

Oh man! First we told you leaks from @BlackberryScoop purported from NetFlix were photoshopped. And today he’s posted the photos below that he got from CrackBerry Forums  move along nothing to see here… These photos are proof that you shouldn’t believe anything you see on the internet 🙂

Update: Purported Netflix on BlackBerry 10 Leaks Prove Photoshopped

This morning we informed you that leaked photos from @BlackberryScoop suggested that Netflix was building *and beta testing* an application for BlackBerry 10. Turns out after many discerning eyes across #TeamBlackBerry and photo analysis software that the photos are doctored and the claims made therein by the twitter account false. I apologize for any false […]

Netflix Screenshots Suggest They Are Building for BlackBerry 10?

Pictures or it didn’t happen? Here we have two. The purported images and corresponding tweet reveal that Netflix is building for BlackBerry 10, great news if true to all of us who were disappointing that it never came to PlayBook. Luckily, BlackBerry 10 is coming to PlayBook. Meaning our beloved tablets will breathe new life once the […]

Quickflix to stream movies direct to BlackBerry 10 devices

Quickflix has teamed up with Research In Motion to deliver video content on BlackBerry 10 OS devices in early 2013. And while this is great news, let’s not forget that BlackBerry is committed to getting Skype and Netflix on board as well  as other ‘Top Apps’ for the launch of BlackBerry 10. The subscription and pay-per-view movie-streaming service will […]

Plex for PlayBook Now Available – Helps You Stream Media, Netflix and Much More!

If you are like me you are always looking for a way to stream Netflix, personal media and more to your PlayBook, well look no further Plex, Inc. has released Plex for the BlackBerry PlayBook! Plex delivers the best video, music and photo experience that connects you to any online or personal content–including movies, TV […]

Flix brings Netflix to the BlackBerry PlayBook

One of the apps that almost every PlayBook owner has been dreaming of is Netflix.  A new app Flix has finally brought Netflix support to the PlayBook, however there are some limitations to getting it to work.  The app basically streams Netflix from your PC to your PlayBook, however due to the limitations of the […]

Netflix Says They Won’t Support BlackBerry, Despite Petition!

Blackberry Playbook lovers and users have yernd for a Netflix application since we all heard news of it release. But even after year and a half since the device was released, not to mention the We Want Netflix petition, that to date has received over 5,000 signatures in support of Netflix developing on the Blackberry Platform. Despite all of […]

Sign the Petition for Netflix to Add Support for BlackBerry

If you have not heard yet Netflix does not currently have any plans to support BlackBerry devices at this time. Their plans could change in the future but as of right now they are not. One awesome BlackBerry User Philip Whittle, has started a petition on

@Netflixhelps Tweets: “While we don’t support BlackBerry today, our plans can change. Thanks all!””

Earlier today we let you know that @Netflixhelps tweeted “We don’t have any current plans to support BlackBerry”. This afternoon they posted an new tweet that read: “Generally we want to be on every screen that’s relevant to you. While we don’t support Blackberry today, our plans can change. Thanks all!”

@Netflixhelps “We don’t have any current plans to support BlackBerry”

As many of you already know PlayBook OS 2.0 is out for everyone to touch and feel. OS 2.0 is missing a few features that many of us really want on the PlayBook. What’s missing you ask? We for starters Netflix and Skype support.

Press Release: Verizon and Redbox Join Forces to Bring Video Entertainment to Mobile Devices!!!

Blackberry owners and lovers have been yerning for an official release of a video streaming applications for quite sometime, and although it has been rumored that the Blackberry Playbook would receive a possible Netflix streaming application, the latter has yet to be fulfilled. To hold you over you can download NetQ or Netflix Queue Manager two queue managers for the […]